[FIC] Carry Your Shame 17/25

Rating: NC-17

Beta: Laura aka- gottriplets <3

Warnings: First time sex, blow jobs, exhibitionism, sexting, gay sex all around- the usual :) 

Summary: Kurt’s spent his entire life being pushed around and ignored. He’s never had a single friend until he met Blaine Anderson, a swimmer for the National Team and McKinley’s Golden Boy. When the boys fall for each other, Kurt has to learn the hard way that there are some things even love can’t fix—like the fact that his step-brother and boyfriend are mortal enemies. Will Blaine be willing to give up everything to be with Kurt or will they crumble under the pressure to become what everyone else is trying to turn them into? 

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Though Blaine had come all the way to Dalton, a school an hour and a half away from McKinley, to serenade Kurt, it seemed that everyone knew about it by Friday morning. Kurt had been getting text messages from McKinley students throughout the day wanting details about his ‘affair’ with Blaine. He wasn’t even sure that he knew that many people at McKinley, but they certainly knew who he was now that Blaine Anderson, high school royalty, had declared his feelings for him so publicly. 

The thing was, Kurt usually wouldn’t have minded. He would have deleted the texts and moved along like nothing had happened. He was used to being harassed. He was used to hearing homophobic slurs and getting letters left in his locker asking him to kill himself. Deleting texts inquiring into his sexual life was nothing in comparison to what he’d had to deal with. It wasn’t a big deal. Usually. 

Today was different, though. Half of the student body at Dalton thought he had cheated on Evan with the mysterious boy in the courtyard. He was getting glared at every time his phone vibrated in his pocket, like the students thought he was sexting Blaine in class. At the rate his phone was going off, he wasn’t sure he could blame them. 

“Jesus,” Kurt muttered as his phone went off again. He wondered if he could reach into his pocket and turn it off without getting caught because he was getting sick of the constant vibration throughout his history exam. 

“Mr. Hummel, is there a problem?” His teacher asked while the other students snickered at him. 

“No, Mr. Humphrey,” Kurt apologized, blushing profusely. “I was just trying to remember one of the dates for this question.” 

“Well, keep the comments to yourself,” Mr. Humphrey said with a warning look. “Talking during an examination is considered cheating and grounds for failure.” 

As much as Kurt loved Dalton, he didn’t know if he’d ever get used to how overbearingly strict they were when it came to their classes and how their students conducted themselves. Kurt had always considered himself to be a boy with remarkable decorum but even he thought Dalton was a bit much.  

“Rough day?” Jeff asked as they exited the room. Kurt could finally breathe again now that the test was over and Mr. Humphrey wasn’t breathing down his neck. 

“What do you think?” Kurt asked, knowing Jeff had heard the rumors going around school. Everyone had. 

“We go to an all boy’s school, they’re just starved for good drama,” Jeff explained as they walked towards lunch together. “They’ll find something new to focus their attention on soon.” 

“You and Nick could stage a fight in the lunchroom and hurry the process along for me,” Kurt said, only slightly joking. 

“Nick’s a horrible actor, they’d never believe us,” Jeff said with a consoling smile. “Just give it a few more days, it’ll pass.” 

Kurt didn’t respond, he just rolled his eyes in disbelief and went about filling his tray with food for lunch. He spared a glance at his phone, careful to delete the more incriminating messages before Evan got to their table for fear he might inadvertently see one of them. While he and Evan weren’t fighting and everything was sunshine and rainbows between them, there was something forced there that wasn’t before. Kurt knew that something was Blaine, but there were only so many times he could reassure Evan that nothing was going on. He just hoped over time Evan would forget about it and things would go back to normal between the two of them. 

From Santana:

Way to go Hummel, getting yourself involved in your first love triangle. Must admit, even I’ve tried to bang Anderson, you must be something special.

From Unknown:

Did you guys bang? Who topped?

From Tina:

Don’t forget about what I said at the party… He really likes you.

From Unknown:

Was he as hung as he looks in his speedo?

From Lauren:

Well isn’t this interesting. I guess we’re at the Eclipse stages of our novel where Edward and Jacob start fighting over Bella. 

Kurt deleted all of the messages, except for Lauren’s, without responding. His relationship with Blaine was fragile and new as well as private. He wasn’t about to go sharing personal information with people he barely knew. 

To Lauren:

One, I think you’ve got your references mixed up. I’ve always been Edward and in this case I’m pretty sure you’re casting me as Bella. Two? I’m not in a love triangle, it’s just complicated. 

To Kurt:

If it walks like a cat. Talks like a cat. It’s probably already pissed on your carpet cause guess what? It’s a fucking cat.

Kurt rolled his eyes at Lauren’s response and quickly sent off a response telling her that it didn’t matter because he was clearly with Evan now. He pocketed his phone quickly before his boyfriend could take his usual seat next to him. 

“Good afternoon,” Evan said placing a quick kiss on Kurt’s cheek. 

Kurt smiled at him in response and pushed his tray over so they could share a plate like they always did. 

“How’d your history test go?” Evan asked casually as he ate the French fries off the plate and Kurt started in on the pasta salad. 

“Mr. Humphrey hates me so he’ll probably fail me on principle,” Kurt groaned, thinking back to the way he’d been glared at all through the test. It was completely unfair because Joey Walker was always talking when he wasn’t supposed to be and he never got in trouble.  

“I’m sure you did just fine,” he said with a gentle, reassuring squeeze to Kurt’s thigh. “If not, I could always tutor you after school.” 

“I’m pretty sure we tried that before and zero studying got done,” Kurt said with a light laugh, leaning his head on Evan’s shoulder. It would always feel nice to be able to be this close to somebody. It was an intimacy completely different than the sexual kind. It was the safe feeling of being loved and cared for. He was pretty sure he was addicted to that feeling—the way that a simple brush of fingertips could be just as sexy as getting blown in the backseat of a car. 

“Is that your phone?” Evan asked him, as it continued to go off several times in his pocket without Kurt responding. 

“Yeah,” he said, but made no move to pull it out of his pocket. 

“Are you going to answer that?” Evan asked, eyeing him like it was some kind of challenge. 

“It’s just Lauren,” Kurt said defensively. Even if it wasn’t, he was allowed to text whomever he wanted. It wasn’t like he was cheating on his boyfriend. 

Evan eyed him suspiciously for a few more minutes, but thankfully said no more on the subject and they continued to eat their lunch while chatting about classes and Warblers practice. There was a tension around them that Kurt could feel, but was unwilling to comment on. He knew Evan was reluctant to fight about this and Kurt didn’t know if he could put up with any more of his passive-aggressive behavior on the matter. 


By the time Kurt got home from school that day, his house was in chaos. Finn was sitting at the kitchen table while Carole held an ice pack to his eye and his dad paced the kitchen back and forth. 

“What’s going on?” he asked tentatively, setting his backpack down on one of the empty chairs to put away later. The sight of Finn with a bruise forming around his left eye was a little disheartening. 

“Your precious Olympian punched me,” Finn grumbled, causing Burt to let out a curse and start grumbling about how horrible of a school McKinley must be. 

Blaine punched you?” Kurt asked, completely blindsided. Finn just nodded. 

Blaine hadn’t told him anything about a confrontation with Finn and he had a hard time believing he went around hitting just anybody. Sure, he got into that fight on New Year’s Eve, but they had been pushed into a corner. He had thrown a punch before somebody else could jump him or hurt Kurt. It had been out of necessity…

“What did you do?” Kurt asked suspiciously. Blaine wouldn’t have just punched Finn for no reason and given their history he had a hard time believing Finn hadn’t done something. 

“Nothing!” Finn yelled, causing Carole and Burt to exchange concerned looks. 

“You said the principal called you to his office?” Carole asked, though it sounded like they’d already been through these details. 

“He gave us both detention! Now I have to spend an hour in the gym working out with him every day until the end of the school year!” Finn threw his hands up in the air, a dumb look of false innocence on his face. It seemed to work on Carole though because she looked helplessly to Burt. 

“Give me Blaine’s house number, I’m calling his parents,” Burt said, looking at Kurt expectantly. 

“I don’t have it,” Kurt lied, not wanting to give it away until he knew the whole story. He didn’t want to get Blaine in trouble without knowing what had actually happened. He understood that his parents were upset, but they also didn’t know all the history between Blaine and Finn. They didn’t know that the feud between them went both ways.  

“Call him,” Burt commanded, leaving no room for argument. 

“I didn’t think he was the type to start fights,” Carole said. 

“He’s not the perfect kid you all think he is,” Finn argued. “He was only being nice to you because he wanted to get into Kurt’s pants.” 

“Finn!” Kurt yelled, blushing. He knew that was Finn’s opinion, but he didn’t have to say it quite so bluntly in front of their parents. Especially when Kurt knew that was far from the truth. 

“If you didn’t do anything, why did the school give you detention too?” Burt asked, trying to remain level headed through this, but Kurt could see the tension in his shoulders. He knew it was only a matter of time before his dad snapped. 

“Because they’re being completely unfair!” Finn grumbled. “I didn’t do anything.”

“I’m sure,” Kurt muttered under his breath but left the room to go call Blaine as his father requested. 

He wasn’t condoning violence by any means. He certainly wasn’t happy Blaine had hit Finn. He just wasn’t going to settle for only hearing Finn’s side of the story when history would show that Finn was notorious for leaving out important details. Like the fact he had been the one to out Blaine to the entire school. 

“Hey,” Blaine answered the phone quietly after the second ring. 

“Why are you whispering?” Kurt asked, distracted by Blaine’s strange behavior and momentarily forgetting why he called. 

“I’m not technically supposed to be talking on the phone,” he continued to speak softly. “I’m grounded.” 

Grounded. Blaine had punched Finn at school and given him a black eye, Kurt reminded himself. That had been why he called. His dad and Carole were downstairs right now arguing about violence in schools while Finn claimed he’d been attacked for no reason. Burt had asked for Blaine’s home number. He wanted to talk to Blaine’s parents about the entire mess since the school seemed unwilling to do anything about bullying. 

“You’re grounded because you punched Finn?” Kurt asked, needing to hear the entire story. He was pretty sure that Finn’s line that he’d been attacked for no reason was complete bull shit. 

“And perfect Finn can do no wrong,” Blaine said, sounding frustrated. 

“Did I say that?” Kurt asked, defensively. He wasn’t blaming Blaine completely, but he also couldn’t pretend that violence was excusable either. He just wanted to understand why. 

“He did,” Blaine muttered. “He stood there in Figgins’ office and refused to admit any fault. Again.” 

“What happened?” Kurt asked, rubbing his temples to starve off an oncoming headache. 

“I just snapped, alright?” he said and Kurt could practically hear his shrug and could picture him standing there with his eyes staring broodingly off in the distance. “If you could see my Tony Perotti bag, you’d understand why.” 

“What did he do to you?”

“Nothing,” Blaine said dismissively. “It’s not important. I shouldn’t have punched him.” 

“No, you shouldn’t have,” he said. “But I also know you wouldn’t have punched him unless you thought he deserved it.” 

“He’s been getting on my case a lot,” Blaine explained. “All the football team is.” 

“It must have been something really bad if you punched somebody,” Kurt said, hoping to get him to talk more. He didn’t often have this much trouble getting Blaine to open up to him, but then again, he always did take longer to talk about the more serious things that happened to him. It had taken weeks for the entire story about why he’d left his old school to come out. That’s what made Kurt so nervous. If Blaine was dancing around the truth, it had to be pretty bad. 

“Just locker shoves and rude comments, nothing out of the ordinary,” he explained. 

“You said something happened to your bag?” Kurt asked, refusing to drop this. He couldn’t. Not when his family was downstairs thinking that Blaine was some crazy kid for punching Finn. Not when he could hear his dad and Finn arguing about him transferring to Dalton, too. 

“He drew a really graphic drawing on it with permanent marker, which was surprisingly detailed for somebody that’s managed to fail out of Art class,” Blaine explained. “It was accompanied by a really nice message saying ‘This bag belongs to Blaine Up-the-Ass-derson’ and a few choice words about me being a whore. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s the same shit he’s been drawing on all the bathroom stalls.” 

“That’s horrible,” Kurt gasped, horrified that Finn would do such a thing after the massive blowout that had happened when he’d used that word with Kurt in their basement last year and had been kicked out of the house. “I love that bag.” 

“Well, it’s ruined now,” Blaine complained. “When I confronted him about it he told me it was a reminder to stay away from you and that he wasn’t going to feel bad for me just because you told him that my dad doesn’t love me.” 

“I never said that!” Kurt yelled, now completely outraged. How dare Finn use that against Blaine. All Kurt had said was that Finn might try being nicer to Blaine since he didn’t have the perfect home life Finn thought he did. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Blaine said. “I really have to go. My dad wants me at the pool in a half hour.” 

“Will you call me when you’re done?” Kurt asked. 

“I’ve got to get to bed early tonight, I’ve got a private session at 6am,” he explained, sounding exhausted. 

“Why?” Kurt asked. He knew that Blaine liked to go to school early to swim and that they occasionally had morning practices, but tomorrow was Saturday and 6am was early, even for Blaine. 

“The school wants to try some lame Disney Channel punishment where Finn and I go to the gym together for an hour every day—as if that’s going to turn us into best friends. If anything, it’s just going to make things worse,” Blaine grumbled. “My dad’s furious that it’s taking time away from my training. He’s making me get up early every day to make up for it.” 

“At 6am?” Kurt said, baffled. How much more could Blaine honestly work out and it still be considered healthy?

“Well, I had to show him my bruises to justify getting in trouble for hitting somebody,” Blaine explained. “I’ve really got to go.”

“No,” Kurt protested. “Bruises? What are you talking about?” 

“He was pissed that I let somebody get a jump on me,” he explained very quickly, Kurt could hear shuffling through the line. “He told me that it was embarrassing for a future Olympian and any Anderson to let an overweight football player leave a single mark on him. Those were his words not mine, before you go yelling at me for ragging on Finn.” 

“That’s horrible!” Kurt cried out. Kurt honestly hated Mr. Anderson more and more with every story he heard about him. Mr. Anderson showed no leniency when it came to Blaine. It was like he forgot that Blaine was only 16 years old and prone to making mistakes. He was a teenager, yet he was never allowed to act like it. 

“I’ll try and call you tomorrow, but I’ve really got to go,” he said. “Goodbye.” 

Kurt didn’t get a chance to say goodbye back before the phone went dead. He groaned in frustration, annoyed that he didn’t even know why Blaine had bruises to begin with apart from they had something to do with Finn. Perfect Finn who was letting their parents get riled up while he pretended to have no fault in this game. Well, the jig was up, because Kurt was going to tell them all about how he’d outed Blaine and started this entire feud to begin with.

Kurt threw his phone on the bed in defeat and headed back down the stairs to deal with his outraged family. He found them right where he left them, still fawning over Finn and his black eye like he was some faultless victim. 

“What did you do?” Kurt said, trying to control his rage at the thought of Blaine having bruises of any sort. 

He knew how badly Blaine was bullied at his old school and how desperately he clung to the safety of McKinley. If Finn had messed that up for him, if Finn was honestly bullying him, then Kurt wasn’t going to let this go. Not after Finn witnessed firsthand how devastating bullying could be. His own brother had been forced to change schools because he’d been harassed. Their parents had been forced to forgo their honeymoon so that they could afford to send Kurt to Dalton while they waited for lawyers to sort out the mess at McKinley. How did Finn get off treating another human being with such little regard? 

“I already told you, nothing,” Finn argued. 

“You’re lying!” Kurt yelled. 

“Kurt!” Carole said, giving him a hurt look. 

Burt had the decency to look more suspicious. “What’s going on? Did you call Blaine?” 

“Tell everyone the truth, Finn,” Kurt said with a mocking smile. “Tell them what you did.”

“Of course you would side with him,” Finn complained, standing up out of his chair and towering over Kurt, but Kurt refused to back down. “It’s like the fact that he’s gay automatically means you take his side no matter how horrible of a person he is.” 

“Boys, sit down!” Burt commanded, pushing Finn away from Kurt before things could escalate any more. 

“Why does everyone that’s gay have to come with a disclaimer?” Kurt asked. “You can’t have a single conversation without bringing up mine or Blaine’s sexuality. Don’t sit here and whine about how victimized you are when you’re the homophobic asshole that started this whole thing.”

“Finn?” Carole pulled Finn’s attention away, silently asking him for an explanation. 

“So now you’re all under his spell?” Finn snapped. “My own mother is going to take his side?” 

“There are no sides here, sweetheart,” she explained. “We’re just trying to understand what happened.” 

“Finn outed Blaine to the whole school last year because he couldn’t handle the fact that  he drove Puck away and Puck realized what a horrible, heartless person Finn is and decided to befriend Blaine instead,” Kurt explained, not caring about the repercussions of what he was saying. His parents looked even more confused than before trying to follow everything that he was telling them. 

“He did what?” Burt said, a dangerous edge to his voice. 

“It wasn’t like everyone didn’t already suspect,” Finn said, but it was obvious that he was just fumbling for any weak excuse he could to avoid Burt’s wrath. 

“Nobody suspected!” Kurt yelled. “He had girls throwing themselves at him all the time. He was one of the popular kids, and lord knows you guys are never in danger of being accused of being gay. He was safe before you did that to him.” 

“He was living a lie then, is it so bad that I told the truth?” Finn argued. 

“He was terrified to come out,” Kurt said, feeling himself getting much more emotionally invested in this conversation that he meant to. He’d always said he wouldn’t take sides, but Kurt couldn’t be Switzerland in this. Not when his own emotions and struggles with bullying were so closely tied to the emotions Blaine had to have been feeling when it came to Finn. To Blaine, Finn was his Karofsky. 

“He’s not scared of anything,” Finn said. “He just acts like that so you’ll scramble over yourself to comfort him.” 

“He was gay bashed at his old school for coming out of the closet,” Kurt yelled. 

Everyone looked at Kurt in shock, Burt and Carole looked horrified while Finn had enough tact to look somewhat guilty. 

“He came out at his old school and they were so homophobic that they beat him up. They put him in the hospital and he missed so much school he had to repeat his freshman year,” Kurt explained, feeling tears coming to his eyes as he realized how easily that could have been him. 

Now imagine how nice it must have felt for him to come to McKinley and make new friends,” Kurt continued to explain. “To have boys like Mike and Puck on his side that found out he was gay and were understanding enough to help him keep his secret. 

He was terrified of getting hurt. Then you blow that all to hell by outing him to the entire school.” 

“Nobody cared that he was gay, they all still thought he walked on water because he’s on the stupid National Swim Team,” Finn said, trying to justify his behavior, but it was useless. Even Finn knew he was in the wrong by this point. 

“You cared that he was gay,” Kurt countered. “You continue to let the football players harass him and you bully him worse than anyone else. You let them bully me.” 

“He’s not an angel, you should hear the things he says to me,” Finn said. “He called Rachel a man the other day.” 

“That still doesn’t give you the right to harass somebody for their sexuality,” Kurt said. “Jesus Christ, I’m gay! You’d think that would be enough to make you stop this stupid thing, but it’s not. Do you have any idea how serious this all is?” 

“Kurt, maybe you should go upstairs,” Carole suggested. “Your father and I need to talk to Finn alone.” 

“Fine,” Kurt grumbled, going back up to his room and slamming the door. 

It didn’t take long for his emotions to catch up with him and he found himself crying on the bed. He cried for himself and the fact that he had to transfer schools twice in order to find acceptance. He cried for Blaine, who had found a group of friends who loved him for him but still had to deal with the crippling fear of being bullied. He cried for their lost relationship that never had a chance to grow because they went to a school that would never accept their love. He cried for every kid that had to go through the pain of realizing they weren’t normal in society’s eyes all because they fell in love with somebody of the same gender. 

He sobbed for what felt like days, letting out all the pain and frustration he’d been holding in ever since transferring to Dalton. He cried because he’d finally found a safe home but still felt a stupidly large hole in his heart because of Blaine. He cried because he didn’t want to have to choose between Evan and Blaine when he cared about them both. He shouldn’t even have to make this decision because he should live in a world where nobody was bullied. Where Blaine could be strong and Kurt could be safe and he never would have gone to Dalton and met Evan. 

Ever since he had, his heart had been pulled in two different directions and he was too young to know which direction was the right one. He cried thinking about Blaine with bruises littering his body while he got to bask in the love and complete adoration of another. 

When he finally wore himself out, he fell asleep and was grateful to find Finn gone by the time he woke up in the morning. He didn’t want to deal with his brother. He didn’t think he could look him in the eyes knowing he’d battered and bruised the most important person in the world to him. 

Fuck. Blaine was the most important person to him. Not Evan, Blaine. It was a fact. He couldn’t deny it now. The problem was he didn’t know what to do with that realization. The truth still remained that Blaine wasn’t ready to be in a relationship and Kurt was still with Evan. Evan, a boy he really, genuinely cared about. Evan, the boy who looked at him like he walked on water while Blaine was still too scared at times to even glance at him. 

Even if he loved Blaine, did that mean they were meant to be together? Was he supposed to give up on a relationship that had brought him nothing but pleasure for one that brought him nothing but drama and pain? 

People really shouldn’t meet their Blaine’s so early in life; it just made everything too complicated when they were too young to deal with all of these intense emotions. 


Over the next two weeks, Blaine started texting Kurt with much more frequency and Kurt found that it calmed him to hear the constant updates. Since he couldn’t be at McKinley to make sure that Blaine was alright every step of the way, he figured that things couldn’t be too bad if Blaine was texting him funny jokes and commentary about his old classmates every day. 

Kurt had started growing used to the antsy feeling all through class as his phone would go off and he’d have to ignore it. Dalton was a lot stricter about their school work and Kurt would hate it if his father got called into a meeting with his headmaster all because he’d been unable to wait to read a text messages about Rachel Berry’s latest fashion crime. His dad was spending all of his savings to send Kurt here, he owed it to him to at least get good grades and stay out of trouble. 

Still, that didn’t stop him from smiling every time his phone would vibrate in his pocket. It didn’t stop him from counting down the minutes left in class until he could sneak away to a bathroom stall to send Blaine a response. 

It wasn’t just Blaine contacting him more though, it was Evan, too. Whereas they used to have set dates every Saturday night and dinner every other Wednesday with nightly phone dates in between, he’d been surprising Kurt more and more. Last week, Kurt had been taken to a jazz concert on Tuesday, a movie on Thursday, dinner on Friday, a party on Saturday, and dinner with Evan’s parents on Sunday. It wasn’t that Kurt minded, Evan was always so eager to spend time with Kurt and that made him feel wanted. 

It was just frustrating. Kurt kept making plans with other people (okay plans with Blaine, but still—plans) and having to cancel them. He could have told Evan no, sure, but he always looked so excited that Kurt couldn’t find it in himself to break his heart. He couldn’t exactly turn down tickets to see Nicki Minaj when his original plans involved sitting on a couch with Blaine and watching Singing in the Rain for the hundredth time. 

Blaine always seemed to understand even if they were both practically desperate to spend more time together. That is why Kurt came up with the brilliant idea of trying to get Blaine and Evan to be friends. If they could all get along, he wouldn’t have to choose between the two of them when things came up. He could hang out with them both at the same time. It was a win/win in Kurt’s eyes. He just had to figure out a way to convince Evan that it was a good idea. 

The two of them were currently eating their lunch around the side of the building where very few students ventured and they were unlikely to get lectured by teachers about propriety if they occasionally fell into heated make out sessions. Kurt was pulling away from his arms to finish his sandwich when Evan provided him with the perfect opportunity to bring up a potential friendship with Blaine. 

“So there’s this cute little Indian place opening up on Saturday that we should go check out,” he said with an excited smile. 

“That sounds great,” Kurt agreed. “But I can’t go on Saturday.” 

“Why? What’s going on?” Evan asked casually. 

“Blaine’s got the State Championship and I told him I’d take him out to dinner afterwards,” he explained. He could see Evan holding back a comment and it made Kurt roll his eyes in annoyance. “You don’t even know him, how can you possibly dislike him this much?” 

“He serenaded you in front of the entire school and looked like he wanted to devour you—”

“He did not,” Kurt protested. “He’s going through a really rough time right now and he needs a friend. That’s it. I think if you got to know him, if you really gave him a chance, you’d see you actually like him. You guys could go to soccer games together; he’s actually really knowledgeable about it and would be far more interested than I am.” 

“I thought you enjoyed going to the games with me,” Evan said, looking wounded. 

“I enjoy doing anything with you,” he quickly said, giving him a quick kiss in apology. “And I’ll continue going to the MLS games with you because you enjoy them and I enjoy you, but that doesn’t mean I’m suddenly all about soccer.” 

“So you’re just placating me?” Evan asked. 

“I’m indulging you,” he explained, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him in close. “Isn’t that what a good boyfriend does?”

The two began making out and Evan pushed Kurt down onto his back and rolled on top of him. Kurt immediately felt uncomfortable and pushed Evan away. 

“Not here,” he said in response to Evan’s questioning gaze. 

“You really shouldn’t tease me like that then,” Evan said in what was supposed to come out as a joking way, but it sounded slightly sinister to Kurt’s ears. 

“Come with me on Saturday,” Kurt quickly changed the topic before they could get into another discussion about sex. He really wasn’t ready to have sex with Evan yet and Evan clearly was. It had been coming up almost anytime they were alone together. 

“You want me to come cheer Blaine on at a swim meet?” Evan asked, doubtfully. 

“You can keep me company so I’m not all alone,” he said, batting his eyelashes. “Then the three of us can all go out to dinner together.” 

“I don’t know—”

“Please?” Kurt begged, pushing his lower lip out in a way he knew Evan couldn’t deny. “It would mean a lot to me if you two could be friends.” 

“If it means that much to you—”

“It does,” Kurt confirmed, quickly before Evan could talk himself out if it. 

“Then I guess I’m in,” Evan said, making Kurt clap with excitement. 

“Perfect!” he cheered. “I’ll just tell Blaine, I’m sure he’ll be happy to finally get to know the boy I won’t stop talking about.” 

Okay, so that wasn’t exactly true. Kurt usually tried to avoid the topic of Evan with Blaine because it was a sensitive issue, but Evan didn’t need to know that. He was insecure enough about the whole thing as it was. 

“I’m sure he is,” Evan said under his breath, thinking that Kurt couldn’t hear him. He decided to let it go. If Evan still felt the same way about Blaine after spending some time with him, they’d deal with it then. 

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