Carry Your Shame Playlist

Since music is such a huge part of Carry Your Shame and Blaine uses songs to really communicate in a way that’s even more so than cannon, I’ve decided to put together a playlist that I’ll update each chapter so you guys can always see what songs I’ve used in the story.

Playlist under the cut in case people aren’t up the date on the story. 

1) Freedom Hangs Like Heaven by Iron & Wine

*Chapter 2: Kurt finds the album ‘Woman King’ on Blaine’s iPod and it’s the first moment we see that there’s a lot more to Blaine than the face he shows at school. This song is also the reason for the title “Mary, carry your shame, well past all those eyes across the avenue”

2) People Help the People by Birdy

*Chapter 2: Birdy is mentioned as one of the artists that Klaine both listen to and they “debated how her reinterpretations of songs changed the message.” This isn’t specifically the song they listened to, but it’s the song I feel Blaine most connects to of hers.

3) Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine

*Chapter 3/4: Kurt’s New Directions audition song. Kurt had never heard it before and Blaine suggested it. Kurt never quite noticed that every song Blaine suggested for Kurt to sing happened to be about unrequited love. This song in particular, “swear that you should hear it it makes such an almighty sound,” further proved how painfully oblivious they were being. My Blaine uses songs to convey his exact feelings and he has such a wide knowledge of music that he can always find the exact song to say what he wants to say. This song certainly summed up his feelings for Kurt in that moment and was perfect for Kurt to sing because he was feeling the same things. 

4) All Day Long I Dream About Sex by JC Chasez

*Chapter 5: Kurt and Blaine are drunk and dancing to the most ridiculous songs that they can find on their iPods. Blaine puts this song on as Kurt continues to lust after Blaine.

5) Wild Wild West by Will Smith

*Chapter 5: If you’re going to have your first kiss with somebody to a song, this isn’t really it. Still, through confessions of crushes on Will Smith, awkward talks about riding and cowboys, the two managed to finally get over their nervousness and drunkenly make out. Had Blaine planning on kissing Kurt, he would have been certain to put on something more romantic. It’d be something indie at least. 

6) White Daisy Passing by Rocky Votolato

Chapter 8: After Finn and Blaine get in a fight in the middle of the parking lot and Blaine leaves Kurt, Kurt goes to Angeli’s to find Blaine listening to music. “Blaine’s iPod shuffled through everything from Rob Thomas, Travis, Bon Iver, and even the occasional Pink song.” This is the most prominent of the songs Blaine’s listening to while Kurt waits for Blaine to be ready to talk about things. 

7) Rumour Has It by Adele

Chapter 9: Kurt and Blaine stay up late texting each other as Adele’s newest album leaks online. 

8) Only Girl (In the World) by Rihanna

Chapter 12: On the way to Kurt’s first high school party (New Year’s Eve) Blaine changes things up from the usual and listens to several Top 40 songs. At one point he actually serenades Kurt with this little gem by Rihanna, reminding Kurt that once he thinks he’s got Blaine figured out, he goes and changes everything again. 

8) Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha feat. 3oh!3

Chapter 12: The only Ke$ha song Blaine had on his iPod, though he secretly loves this one because he’d dance to it with Sam the first night the swim team guys really let down their guard around him and stopped caring about what being around Blaine might do to their reps.  

9) The Time (The Dirty Bit) by The Black Eyed Peas

Chapter 12: Blaine dances to this song with Mike as Kurt talks to Tina about their relationship. 

*Will be updated as Blaine continues to use music to express his feelings ;) 

10) Fireflies by Ron Pope

Chapter 13: Blaine listens to the album Daylight on his record player when Kurt comes over to confront Blaine about the New Year’s Eve party and they end up breaking up/having sex for the first time in an afternoon that is not their proudest moment. But this album is the one Blaine picked to listen to when he was contemplating breaking up with Kurt because he loved him too much but was terrified of being with him. It’s a beautiful album and does a good job of conveying the emotions in that chapter- love, beauty and complete anguish. 

11) A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Chapter 13: More from the album Daylight.

12) You’re the Reason I Come Home by Ron Pope

Chapter 13: This is the specific song that Blaine serenades Kurt with right before he lies and tells Kurt that he doesn’t feel as strongly about their relationship as Kurt does. 

13) Love Will Come Through by Travis

Chapter 13, Kurt’s phone goes off with this ringtone that was made for him by Blaine. Its the song that plays with Blaine calls him.  

14) You Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless

Chapter 13.5: in a fit of self pity, Blaine plays this song on repeat, not feeling like any other song can fit is emotions. Everything is too pretty and he doesn’t feel he deserves this. 

15) What You Want from Legally Blonde: The Musical

Chapter 13.5: as Puck says it, it’s possibly the gayest thing Blaine’s ever done. Performed this song at Sidetrack in Chicago. If you haven’t seen this musical, it’s so much better than it sounds and you should watch it. It’s all up on Youtube and is one of my favorite Broadway soundtracks to listen to. It always makes me laugh which I think is why Blaine also enjoys listening to it. 

16) Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble

Chapter 14: Kurt gets serenaded by Evan during the middle of the Warbler performance of this song. This is an acapella version so you can get a sense for how it sounded, except the Warblers sped it up a tad from this. 

17) Wonderful by Rob Thomas

Chapter 16, Blaine serenades Kurt with this song not as an “I love you” declaration, but more as an apology and a plea for Kurt to understand that he’s trying but he is more messed up than even Kurt can know. 

18) Edge of Glory, Poker Face (Piano Version), Speechless, & Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Chapter 19, Blaine and Kurt go to a Lady Gaga concert and these songs are all mentioned. A special note to “Speechless”, which is the song that was performing when Kurt and Blaine where drawn to each other and found themselves almost kissing to before ‘Bad Romance’ started and broke them up. 

19) Fireflies by Ron Pope

Chapter 19, yet again Ron Pope makes the list but in my defense, Blaine is a really big fan of him. His words say a lot, but his melodies say so much more. I was excited to use this song because on one hand the melody has a bit of a hopeful tune after a rough patch but the words talk about beautiful things ending and I think the song was very interesting in that it foreshadowed Evan finding out and things getting ruined while also saying the opposite- which was that things were coming together. 

20) Cradlesong by Rob Thomas

Kurt sings a very broken, tearful version of this song to Blaine in Blaine’s Interlude (21.5). It’s something that gets whispered and half song and by the end Blaine’s dad actually ends up singing the last line of the song to him in an attempt to help heal him. 

21) Long Day by Matchbox Twenty

Blaine’s Interlude 21.5, Kurt plays this song and drags Blaine up to stand on his bed and jump around screaming out the lyrics with him so they can try to get some of their anger and aggression out over the sex tape. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a song with enough pain and rage that it helps a bit. 

22) Fuckin Perfect by P!nk

Played as Blaine walks out to do his interview with Ellen in chapter 24. 

23) Just Dance by Lady Gaga

In Blaine’s Interlude 24.5, Blaine and the New Directions sing this song together as a bit of a peace offering between Finn and Blaine. It’s the first song Blaine sings with the club and it helps him come to the decision to join Glee Club the following year. 

24) Hey Na Na by Katie Herzig

This is the song Kurt and Blaine are talking about as they nap together in the hotel room after Kurt comes to Shanghai to see him. 

25) That’s How Strong My Love Is by Otis Redding

Kurt sings this song to Blaine at the very end of Chapter 25 after they finally have sex again. 

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