[FIC] Carry Your Shame 10/25

Rating: NC-17

Beta: Laura aka- gottriplets <3

Warnings: First time sex, blow jobs, exhibitionism, sexting, gay sex all around- the usual :) This chapter contains homophobic language and violence

Summary: Kurt doesn’t think the Blaine Anderson will ever notice him, so he’s not in the least bit prepared for what happens when he does. (My take on the whole Popular!Blaine, nerd!Kurt trope)

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AN: If there are more grammar mistakes this chapter, I appolgize. I’m having a hard time writing this without my laptop to type on and a normal keypad? :(

Kurt laid spread out on Blaines bed, completely sated and boneless thanks to Blaines particular talent at giving blow jobs. The clock on the bedside table read barely after five, but already Kurt felt ready to go to bed. He wondered how he would make it through his dads mandatory Friday night dinner without passing out, let alone how he would hide the fact that he was now sexually active and getting off with Blaine as often as he logged into Rue La La (which was almost daily, he had to keep up his high fashion wardrobe somehow, thank you very much).

Well that certainly makes up for the shoe that got thrown at me today, Kurt said, rolling onto his stomach to try and locate where Blaine had tossed his underwear. He might have gotten comfortable with Blaine seeing him naked during the heat of the moment, but he wasnt confident enough to lounge around his bedroom naked once they both finished.


Not that I dont appreciate the gorgeous view of your ass that youre giving me right now, Blaine said with a happy chuckle. But why are you getting dressed? You dont have to leave for another hour and none of my family will be home until at least seven.

Kurt didnt respond to that. He didnt know how to explain to somebody like Blaine that he felt awkward in his own skin. Blaine was so comfortable with his bodyas he should be, he worked hard for those abs. Kurt was tall and lanky in some places while still carrying his baby fat in others and he was in that in between stage of childhood and adulthood that nobody managed to get through unscathed unless you were gifted with the genes of a God, like Blaine. No, he just felt like Quasimodo next to Blaine. It wasnt that he thought he was unattractive. Kurt knew that he had some great things to work with, starting with his flawless skin and shockingly bright eyes. However, he also had strange toes and was softer around the middle in all the places Blaine was rock hard. He was getting taller every day and worried that hed end up like Finn, a freakish Gumby-like giant. 

He felt much more comfortable when his clothes were on and they could act as a distraction. His clothes could portray all the confidence he wanted to have but couldnt. His clothes gave him that confidence. Without them he was just naked and in more ways than one.

He located his briefs and quickly slid them on before throwing on the first shirt he could findBlaines McKinley Swim Team T-shirt. Once he was covered up and felt more at ease, he rolled back over onto his side and into Blaines arms.

Hmmm, Blaine hummed happily. Ive never had anyone wear my clothes before.

Is it okay? Kurt asked quickly, he hadnt thought about it when hed thrown it on, but he realized that had been rather presumptuous. Kurt would certainly want to be asked before somebody started trying on his clothes. What if he stretched something out? Blaine did have the tiniest little waist

That was silly though, it was an oversized T-shirt. He couldnt stretch it out.

You should wear my clothes more often, Blaine responded, leaning in to kiss him on the lips.

Get me naked more often, he hummed into the kiss, surprising himself with his boldness.

"Well, we’ve got 10 glorious days to be together," Blaine said, smiling down at him like he was his entire world. "I vote we spend them all right here in my bed."

"I think you’re forgetting the fact that we’re in high school. We can’t exactly have a sex crazed week without our parents interfering," Kurt explained with a fond smile.

"Fine, be the reasonable one in our relationship," Blaine teased, but his words made Kurt catch his breath. Did Blaine just say they were in a relationship? Kurt had assumed, well maybe not assumed but hoped, yet Blaine hadn’t ever said anything. Nothing had been made official.

"What?" Blaine asked when he noticed the startled look on Kurt’s face.

"What are we exactly?" he asked, hating himself for it. If this ruined things between them he’d never forgive himself. "Are we boyfriends?"

"I don’t really want to use that word," Blaine responded. Kurt looked away in shame, trying to be strong as Blaine continued. "I mean, I’ve had boyfriends before, or at least boys that I thought were my boyfriends. I’m not good at being somebody’s boyfriend. Boyfriends always tend to leave or I scare them off. I don’t want that for us."

Kurt tried his best to really listen to what Blaine was saying and understand, he really did, but it was hard when he felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest and was being squeezed way too tight. Blaine didn’t want him. Why should he? He was just some conquest to fill the time between school and swim practice. A filler until the next college boy came around.

"This feels different from the other boys I’ve been with­ more important,” Blaine continued, placing his hand on Kurt’s arm and forcing him to meet his sincere eyes. Well fuck, Blaine. Was he trying to make it impossible for Kurt to be angry at him? Kurt felt like his entire world had imploded, he had a right to be upset.

"You’re my best friend, Kurt. I really, really care about you. I don’t want to screw this up by putting a careless, overused label on this when the term best friend feels so much more meaningful and lasting."

"So we’re just friends," Kurt said, trying to sound upbeat about it. "Friends with benefits."

"I don’t think we’ve ever been just friends," Blaine said giving him an amused smile. "Just because I don’t want to call you a boyfriend because I think it’s an overused term, that doesn’t come close to describing you doesn’t mean this is just sex for me. It’s just that, for me, I’ve had plenty of ‘boyfriends, I’ve never had a best friend. Not like you at least. I don’t want to trade that label in for one that people throw around like it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change how we feel about each other.”

Kurt didn’t answer right away. He took the time to really understand where Blaine was coming from. Neither of them had ever had somebody they could tell every last secret to like they could with each other. They weren’t just friends, they completed each other. What they had as friends was far more meaningful than the sex, even though the sex was great. So what if he couldn’t call Blaine his boyfriend? So he couldn’t walk hand in hand with Blaine down the hallway while their classmates took bets on when the break up would happen like they did with every other couple in high school. They were building something special, something lasting, something so unbreakable that no trivial term could really apply.

As much as Kurt wanted to be able to tell the world they were dating, he understood where Blaine was coming from, respected it even. He liked that Blaine cared enough about them to have thought about it that much. Even if they weren’t going to use the term boyfriends, Kurt knew that’s what they were. Two boys who were falling for each other hard. It made him smile.

"So we’re special friends," Kurt teased, leaning further into Blaine’s touch.

"God that makes it sound horrible," Blaine said with a laugh. "I hope you don’t think I’m some pretentious douchebag."

"Oh my little hipster Blaine, throwing off all of societies labels while listening to unheard of bands… One of these days you’re going to look in the mirror and see the popular jock you are and realize you’re one of them," Kurt said, not meaning anything hurtful by it but Blaine’s smile dropped anyways.

"Hopefully that moment won’t come until college," he responded seriously.

He ran his fingernails over Kurt’s thigh absentmindedly. Blaine didn’t miss the way he shivered at the contact, suddenly more awake than he’d been a few minutes ago. Thank God for the gift of fast recovery time, it was about the only good thing that came with being a teenager.

Blaine hummed happily and gave him a promising look that made Kurt’s toes curl with delicious thoughts of things to come.

"My sexy best friend and holiday roommate," Blaine muttered, nuzzling into his neck and leaving lazy kisses against his skin.

"Holiday roommate?" Kurt pulled away to raise his eyebrow, judging him for the strange term.

"It’s cute that you still believe I’m going to let you leave," Blaine whispered into his ear as he pressed his body into Kurt’s. His half-hard erection was digging into his hip. Kurt wasn’t hard yet, he wasn’t even sure when Blaine had started getting hard, they’d barely done anything yet. As Kurt’s gaze traveled downward, he was reminded that Blaine hadn’t bothered getting dressed again and was still gloriously naked.

He was about to grab Blaine and pull him in for a rough, wanting kiss when he was grabbed around the middle as Blaine started shouting, “I’m never letting go!”

Kurt laughed loudly, not having played around like this since he was a small boy. He’d never expected that being with somebody like this could be so much fun. He squirmed around, playfully trying to break free from Blaine’s tight grasp around his stomach. They both twisted and pulled and rolled around like little kids, yet neither of them could forget how temptingly unclothed they both were with only Kurt’s underwear between them.

Kurt felt himself growing hard as they continued to laugh and tackle each other, comfortable he could handle the level of lust he was experiencing without stopping their game. Then Blaine’s erection pushed hard against his ass and caused him to gasp, stopping their game in its tracks.

They were so close. He could tell Blaine was holding his breath behind him, waiting to see what he would do. Kurt didn’t know what he wanted to do. Well, he knew what he wanted to do, but that was insane. They’d only just started this little thing of theirs last week. Sure, he’d been lusting after Blaine for two months and knew him well enough to call it love, but he’d only had his first real kiss last week.

Oh god, that made him sound so slutty. So corrupted. Why didn’t he feel worse about it? Why did it feel alright?

"Kurt?" Blaine’s voice was quiet but it was questioning.

"Okay," he agreed quickly before he could think too much about what he was agreeing to and talk himself out of it.

"Okay what?" Blaine asked, louder this time as he realized he would have to take charge of this conversation as Kurt was currently incompetent at basic English.

"I don’t know? Just, okay? Let’s do it," Kurt said in one breath.

"It? Sex?" Blaine sounded horrified. "Really?"

"I don’t know; I just know I don’t want to think about it anymore. I just want to get lost in the moment with you," he explained, reaching up to rub gently at the arms that were still wrapped around him from behind. Kurt felt like he was on fire, he certainly couldn’t think straight. He hoped he was making sense.

His nerves felt like they were going haywire with Blaine’s dick still pressing so close to his-thankfully covered hole, his hot breath tickling he ear, his fingers brushing at the waistband of his briefs. He just wanted to feel more. Was that normal? He felt like he might go psychotic and start killing people if he didn’t get more soon. Is that what desire was supposed to feel like or was this special?

"Okay," Blaine said in a soothing voice. "Then let’s get lost together. But your first time should really be something you’re sure about and we talk over… So for now let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing."

"Okay, sure, whatever just please move or something," Kurt begged.

Later he would think about how happy he was Blaine hadn’t agreed. Later he would realize there was still so much behind Blaine’s actions than Kurt could understand. Later he would question what had him moving so fast and holding on so tight, always afraid of losing Blaine, but that was still to come.

For now, he had thirty minutes before he had to leave for family dinner and he wanted to make sure they took full advantage of every second.

Blaine slid down the bed until he was settled in between his legs. Kurt’s breathing sped up at the sight of Blaine watching him through the tops of those dangerously long, dark lashes. He bit the inside of his thigh where Kurt already had a mark from earlier today. Kurt felt his brain short circuit as any remaining blood flowed straight to his cock.

He watched as Blaine took the elastic of his underwear by the teeth and began to slide them off, reaching up to stroke him a few times once his hard cock sprung free. It was the single sexiest thing Kurt had ever witnessed. It took everything in him not to arch up into Blaine’s featherlight touches along the throbbing vein in his cock.

As Blaine started to work him over, getting him to the point where he was ready to come before they started anything, Kurt sat up to take off Blaine’s old T-shirt. He had the hem in his hands and was just about to pull it over his head when Blaine pushed him back down on his back.

"Leave it on," Blaine commanded. "You have no idea how hot you look wearing my shirt."

Kurt felt his breath catch as his swollen cock lay against his stomach, begging to be touched. He would never grow used to Blaine’s compliments. Blaine leaned on one elbow, casually tracing patterns into Kurt’s hip, making him wonder how Blaine could be so relaxed at a time like this. Kurt’s body was at war, overheated yet still shivering. His heels dug into the mattress and his hands fisted into the pillows from the painful waiting. He forced himself to breathe in through his nose and out through his mouth to try and calm down.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked through gritted teeth, just barely holding himself back from thrusting up into Blaine’s face that was so conveniently close to his dick.

"Seeing how far I can push you before you start touching yourself," Blaine answered with a cheeky smirk.

"Why. Didn’t. You. Just. Ask?" he panted out as the twisting feeling in his stomach grew. He wanted to flip them over and tie Blaine up. Lick at him and pump his dick until he was crying with want and then he’d just stop. Then maybe Blaine would understand his pain was no laughing matter.

"If I asked you to jerk off in front of me you’d get embarrassed and claim you had to leave," Blaine explained, circling his middle finger over Kurt’s hole and making him arch off the bed with a loud moan that the neighbors could probably hear.

"Would not," Kurt defended, though he didn’t sound convincing when he could barely catch his breath.

"Do you ever do it?" Blaine asked as he blew on his neglected cock. The hairs on Kurt’s arms stood up and he let out a painful whine, unable to answer the question.

"Do you ever picture us together and jerk off?" he asked, licking at his hip now, mouth so close to where Kurt really needed it. "Do you picture the two of us naked, me bent over your desk while you fucked me hard? Do you picture me pounding into you in the back seat of my car during some stolen moment?"

Kurt bit his lip hard and nodded, not trusting his voice to make remotely human sounds. It all sounded so scandalous and forbidden, so adult. God, when he heard Blaine talk about fucking each other rough and hard, he couldn’t help but picture it. He could make anything sound enticing.

"Show me," Blaine commanded, his own voice sounding at least an octave higher. He picked up Kurt’s knees until his feet were grounded to the mattress and framing Blaine in between his thighs.

"You want me to…" Kurt could barely finish that sentence, feeling his face heat up from the thought alone. He was mortified, why would Blaine want to see that? Couldn’t he just touch him already before he burst into flames like some vampire in the sun?

"I want to watch," Blaine explained, leaving an opened-mouth kiss over his ass, right where it met with his thigh. "You have no idea how beautiful you are, but I do. And I want to watch you worship yourself because nobody else is ever gonna be good enough to touch you."

"You are," Kurt said, quickly, his hands already rubbing at his stomach. When had he agreed to this ridiculous plan? He couldn’t remember moving.

"So long as you agree with that, that’s all that matt-" Blaine went silent, not bothering to finish his thought as Kurt’s hand fisted around himself.

"Oh God," Blaine said breathily as Kurt started slowly pumping himself.

He needed something quick; he was too hard to go slow. However, he was a natural performer and if he was going to do this for Blaine, he was going to do this right. He shifted around so that his legs fell open wider and he was more comfortable. He reached down with his other hand to roll his balls between his fingers, not bothering to quiet his loud groans of pleasure. Blaine had said he liked it when Kurt was loud.

"You’re perfect," Blaine said, sounding like a whimper. Kurt looked down, nervous to see what Blaine’s reaction was, only to find him pumping his own cock, gaze zeroed in on Kurt’s hands, trying to sync their movements to match. Kurt continued to pump and twist his wrist just at the top like he liked, watching Blaine closely for every catch of breath, every lick of his lips. He felt empowered, knowing he could have so much power over him by doing something he’d never considered that sexy before.

Masturbation was a necessity. Something he’d had to do because he was a social leper and nobody else would do it for him. But now it didn’t seem like a taboo thing. It felt natural and right. It made him confident.

He watched as Blaine reached around them to dig blindly into his nightstand. It took a few moments and several frustrated curses, but Blaine finally produced a bottle of lube for them to use so they wouldn’t have to do this dry. Sure, Kurt had enough pre-come to manage, but it would be so much more enjoyable with some lubrication.

Soon there was the sound of a bottle cap being opened and Blaine poured the berry flavored lube into both of their hands and rubbed his hand against Kurt’s to heat it up.

"You have flavored lube?" Kurt asked curiously as the both settled back into their positions.

"I bought it a few days ago, figured if this was going to become a thing you might appreciate it more if your first real blow job was softened by the smell and taste of something fruity."

"I didn’t mind the taste before," Kurt stammers out, blushing furiously as he thought of yesterday in the backseat of his car.

"Good," Blaine said wearing a goofy smile. "But there’s other uses for flavored lube," he added suspiciously.

Kurt yelped as he felt something warm and wet against his hole that definitely wasn’t a finger.

"What are you doing?" he asked, scandalized. Part of him wanted to pull Blaine up by the hair and lecture him on sanitation and propriety but he noted he wasn’t as upset as he thought he’d be. Blaine’s tongue against him just felt so fucking good.

"Finger yourself," Blaine said. It sounded like a request this time when the other times had been so demanding. It was like he wasn’t sure where Kurt’s limit was but was nervous he’d found it. His voice was cracking and he was practically salivating. His eyes were almost black with lust. Kurt wondered if he looked just as sexed out as he felt.

Kurt shook his head, both hands around his dick now, twisting and pulling to try and silence the ache so he could think straight. Not his brightest move, because touching himself only blurred the lines more.

"You," Kurt panted, hips off the mattress at the sheer thought of Blaine’s fingers inside of him.

Kurt hadn’t ever fingered himself, though he didn’t want to mention that to Blaine. He wasn’t even sure he’d know how. There had to be a technique to doing it so that the stretch wouldn’t hurt so much. There had to be a trick to finding the prostate, and what if he couldn’t? That would be humiliating. No, he’d much rather have Blaine’s fingers inside him, opening him up for the first time.

"I want you…" he said, more sure of himself this time.

Blaine nodded and poured more lube over his fingers.

Kurt held his breath as he felt Blaine spread his legs more and began tracing circles around his hole. As Blaine pressed the tip of his finger inside, Kurt could feel the muscles contracting against it, trying to force Blaine back out but he just kept pushing in slowly, letting Kurt get used to the feeling.

Once Kurt felt more comfortable, he nodded and Blaine began pumping in and out repeatedly until it started feeling more and more comfortable. Then Blaine added a second finger. It burned for a minute but like the first finger it became comfortable fast. It wasn’t until Blaine added the third finger that Kurt realized what all the fuss was about. The ache, the burn that came with the too full feeling was intoxicating.

"Blaine," Kurt groaned out loudly, throwing his head back into the pillows.

Blaine sent him a devilish grin as he crooked his fingers inside of him, sending a strong spark right through him that caused him to cry out and almost fall off the bed. Blaine giggled and righted Kurt back into position. Kurt felt stretched to the brim, he couldn’t imagine being any more full but he knew that Blaine would be bigger than that once they stated having real sex. God, if this felt unbearable in all the right ways how was Kurt supposed to survive doing more?

"More, fuck, yes!" he screamed out, fucking himself down onto Blaine’s fingers.

"Fuck, you have no idea how hot you are," Blaine panted as his other hand reached down to start stroking himself. Kurt tried to reach out to help, wanting to get Blaine off too, but he was too far away.

"Closer," Kurt complained, making grabby hands at him.

Blaine maneuvered them around so that Blaine’s feet were at the headboard and he was in perfect distance for Kurt to reach. He practically came right there as Blaine’s fingers pushed into him and his tongue darted out to start licking at his penis. He reached out to fist Blaine’s cock, so close to his face and started pumping furiously, desperate to get Blaine as close as he was so they could come together.

"Fuck!" Blaine cried out as soon as Kurt’s fist closed around him.

"So good," Kurt moaned loudly.

Blaine tugged the t-shirt up Kurt’s stomach until he reached his chest, twisting a nipple between his fingers and laughed when Kurt’s hips slammed violently down. He finally reached up and yanked the shirt over his head.

"More," Kurt begged, seeing stars and knowing that he was dangerously close now.

It wouldn’t be much longer. That’s when Blaine decided to remove his fingers and replace them with his tongue instead. Kurt’s eyes watered from the pleasure and torture of holding back. His lip was already chewed to pieces and bleeding from the force of holding back. As Blaine’s tongue pushed into the tight muscles and began licking inside of him like he was about to win a prize, Kurt arched off the bed and his orgasm hit him.

He yelled out loudly as white, hot come flowed out of him, hitting his stomach, chest, and even Blaine. He couldn’t care less about the mess as he continued to press back against Blaine’s tongue in sporadic thrusts of his hips, reveling in the feeling of Blaine rimming him as he pumped Kurt through his orgasm.

"So sexy," Blaine breathed out, dragging a lazy finger through the come Kurt got on Blaine’s neck. Kurt whimpered when Blaine sucked his finger into his mouth, watching as his cheeks hallowed and Blaine sucked the taste of Kurt off.

Blaine growled like some caged animal and before Kurt could even calm down from his orgasm and start to feel over sensitive, Blaine rolled them over so that Kurt was on top of him, his ass right over his mouth still, leaking come and lube onto his previously flawless face.

Before Kurt could ask him what he was doing, he was pulling his hips down to mouth at the come on Kurt’s stomach. Kurt moaned and bent in half to support himself on his hands so he won’t fall over. He noticed Blaine’s rock hard cock hitting his face as Blaine thrust against nothing trying to find friction to ease the ache. He realized now what Blaine was asking for, what he wanted.

Away other time, he would have been nervous, but he wasn’t. Still riding the high of his own orgasm, he felt empowered. He didn’t feel unsure anymore, he knew what he was doing. He grabbed hold of Blaine around the base of his cock and sank his mouth down over him. Blaine groaned and bit into Kurt’s stomach hard. Kurt couldnt help but smirk, knowing he was managing to do the right thing, finally. After several times together and feeling inexperienced, he finally felt like he could keep up.

There was an odd mix of the fruity lube mixed with his pre come and it was like sex and innocence combined into some penis flavored ice cream cone and he almost burst into hysterical laughter. The only thing holding him back was Blaine’s pathetic whimpering and tiny thrusts of his hips, so desperate to get off that he wouldn’t appreciate the joke. Kurt would have to tell him later.

He set to work, licking and sucking, bobbing down as far as he dared, careful not to choke. The last thing he needed was to have to pull off sputtering because he’d been inexperienced enough to gag on a cock. Blaine’s hands eventually fell away from Kurt and his mouth started mumbling half words that Kurt could only vaguely catch but they sounded filthy.

Kurt would have to convince Blaine to talk dirty for real next time. The thought of Blaine praising his tongue and yelling out about his fuckable, pert ass was exciting when he knew Blaine was usually the dapper gentleman. It had to take some serious debauchery to get him to this vulgar point. The thought made his stomach tingle with satisfaction. Looks like he wasn’t the sexless baby penguin he’d always considered himself to be.

He felt Blaine give his cock tiny, half-assed licks, like he wanted Kurt to join in, yet couldn’t quite get his act together enough to suck him for real. Kurt didn’t think it was possible to go again, but his body knew better and his hips started rocking towards Blaine’s mouth. Was he really just going to fuck Blaine’s face like this? Was it even safe? Would Blaine let him? If the way Blaine hummed happily as the head of his cock pushed into his mouth, the answer to all of his questions quickly became a very enthusiastic yes.

As his hips began rocking into Blaine’s face and hands grabbed his ass to pull him in closer, he started getting hard again. He focused his attention back to Blaine’s cock. They both groaned around each other, sending strong vibrations through their bodies. Kurt balanced on his elbows and used his other free hand to reach down and press his middle finger into Blaine. Blaine’s hips jerked up suddenly and without warning he had Blaine coming down his throat. He tried to swallow him like Blaine had done earlier but he couldn’t take it all. Pretty quickly he found himself choking and had to pull off, not even caring that Blaine’s come was hitting him in the face now and getting in his hair. No, the feeling of thrusting down into Blaine’s warm mouth was too distracting to notice anything else.

He pumped Blaine through the final tremors of orgasm and didn’t stop until Blaine started flailing his legs around trying to push him away from his over stimulated cock. Lacking the energy to hold himself up any longer he rested his head against Blaine’s thighs and continued to move his hips until he too was coming down Blaine’s throat.

As soon as his mind was functioning again, he rolled off Blaine. They both laid there haphazardly trying to catch their breath. Neither of them had enough energy to flip around so they could lie face to face, so they settled for staring dreamily at one another from afar. Blaine reached his arm out so they could entangle hands.

"That was kinkier than I imagined," Kurt admitted, three orgasms in one day had managed to strip his filter and much of his shame.

"Certainly never thought I’d do that and enjoy it," he confessed, running his thumb over the back of Kurt’s hand. It made him wonder how many times Blaine had done that and not enjoyed it, but he didn’t ask. It didn’t sound like the happiest topic to bring up and he certainly didn’t want to ruin the perfect moment they were having.

"Certainly never thought I’d do that at all,” he said instead.

"You’re full of surprises," Blaine hummed fondly.

Before Kurt could respond, Blaine’s phone started going off, loudly interrupting them.

"Ignore it," Blaine said, not even lifting his head up. Kurt glanced over at the nightstand to look at the screen.

"It’s your brother," he informed him, noticing that he needed to be leaving if he wanted to get home in time for dinner and ever be allowed to leave the house again.

Blaine just groaned but didn’t move to answer the call as Kurt crawled out of bed and began gathering up his clothes. He would need a quick shower before going to wash the dried come and lube off of his body that seemed to be everywhere.

"Mind if I use your shower?" Kurt asked and Blaine just gestured vaguely in that direction, eyes already drifting closed.

Kurt smiled at the adorable sight he made and pulled the comforter and sheet that had fallen to the ground back over him so he wouldn’t get cold. Blaine mumbled a happy thanks and snuggled deeper into the covers. Kurt left a sweet kiss to the top of his head and got a warm, loved feeling when Blaine reached out to grab his hand so he could leave a lazy kiss to the inside of his wrist.

He gathered up his clothes and made his way to the bathroom. Showering quickly, he triple checked to make sure he got all the come off himself. He hissed slightly as his hands brushed over fresh bruises left to the inside of his thighs, hips, and stomach. These were welcome reminders that he had somebody who cared about him. They helped counteract the bruises on his back reminding him that apart from Blaine, Lauren and a few New Directions kids, very few people at school could actually stand him.

He was just grateful Blaine had been too distracted to notice the black and blue marks across his back.

Once he finished cleaning, he used Blaine’s towel to dry off and get dressed. By the time Kurt came back into the room, Blaine was more coherent, though still hadn’t left the bed to get dressed.

"Blainers!" they heard somebody yell loudly as the front door slammed shut.

"Shit, my brother," Blaine said, standing up to frantically search for his clothes and tripping over their scattered shoes and book bags. Kurt opened up a few dresser drawers until he located some clean underwear and a warm pair of sweatpants. He tossed them at Blaine while he began searching for a t-shirt to match.

"Lock the door, he’ll go away," Blaine said, quickly throwing his clothes on and pushing Kurt aside to pull out a shirt for himself. Kurt crossed the room and locked the door just as Cooper started to knock.

"I know you’re in there, Squirt!" Cooper called to them. "You don’t need to hide your new sex friend."

Kurt blushed furiously and looked to Blaine for instructions on how he wanted to handle this. Blaine just put a finger to his mouth and shook his head. Kurt wondered if he thought they could really get away with it. Cooper had to know they were inside. They couldn’t stay in here forever, Kurt had to go home.

"Fine, ignore your poor dear brother because you’re too busy loving cock, but Dad is on his way home and you know he’ll murder you for having a boy over and ignoring his text about swim practice."

Blaine’s eyes bugged out of his head as he lunged for his phone. Kurt peaked over his shoulder and sure enough there was a text from his father claiming he’d scheduled a private coach for Blaine at 7 o’clock. Blaine opened the door and glared at his brother.

"I hate you," Blaine said, moving back into his room to start packing his practice bag, digging in his drawer for a spare suit since his usual one was still in the bathroom drying off from practice that afternoon.

"Oh cute, much younger than you usually have over," Cooper said walking into the room and wrinkling his nose at the smell of sex and sweat in the room.

"Just don’t," Blaine hissed.

Kurt was too stunned to say much of anything. Blaine’s brother was the guy from the Free Credit commercials. He was the man Kurt watched repeatedly on YouTube because he was just too handsome and had made to jingle his ringtone for four months last year before his dad teased him enough that he’d changed it.

Cooper left the room for a second as Kurt turned to stare dreamily at Blaine. “Blaine, your brother’s the best looking man in North America,” he whispered quietly so he wouldn’t be heard.

Blaine just glared at him as Cooper came back into the room with a bottle of Febreze and began spraying the room down with the scent of meadows and rain.

"Relax, little B," Cooper said like this was a usual occurrence for them Kurt prayed that wasn’t so. He didn’t want Cooper to think of him as just some after school booty call.

"He’s gonna kill me," Blaine said, zipping his bag closed frantically. Cooper walked over to unzip it again and add his goggles in with his towel.

"As much as I’m enjoying watching you squirm, you need to chill. You have plenty of time to get to the pool and Dad won’t be home for at least another 15 minutes. Let’s show your little underaged Siren out and get you on your way."

Kurt blushed furiously as the implication that he had somehow seduced and lured Blaine back home and corrupted him. Luckily Blaine stood up for him.

"Cooper! His name is Kurt and its not like that, now can you go?” Blaine asked.

"Such little appreciation for the brother you only see every other holiday," Cooper said, pointing his finger strongly at Blaine. He gave an overly-dramatic sigh and left the room, his visit quick and forceful like a tornado just passing though, leaving destruction in its wake.

"Guess I should get going before I manage to tarnish your spotless reputation more," Kurt said with a roll of his eyes. He sat down on the bed and began to lace up his boots.

"Hey, my family is a bunch of idiots," Blaine said moving to sit next to Kurt and tie his own sneakers. "Don’t listen to a word they say, you know how I feel about you."

"Yeah," Kurt said dreamily, Cooper’s words already forgotten.

"Let’s head out together, I’ve gotta get to the pool," Blaine said, standing up to help Kurt into his jacket. Kurt felt a bit silly as Blaine zipped him up and tied his scarf around his neck for him, but he found he quite liked being cared for.

"Swim practice? Didn’t you just come from the pool?" Kurt asked with an arched eyebrow worried that his dad was overworking him.

"Well the Olympics are only two years away, if I want to go I have to be ready," he explained.

"Do you though?" Kurt asked.

"London would be cool to see. It’d be amazing to put on a college application. Anything to get me out of here," he explained. He didn’t seem too upset about it so Kurt figured he should stop pestering him about it.

"I’m going Christmas shopping tomorrow, want to come?" Kurt asked as they started walking out of the room and down the stairs.

"You’re only inviting me so I can hold your bags," Blaine teased.

"And possibly convince you to buy more of those jeans you look so good in," Kurt said, trying to ignore the way Cooper was watching them curiously from the kitchen. If Cooper wanted to spy on them, fine. Maybe he would see this wasn’t just about sex between them. No matter what Blaine might say, what the other Andersons thought of him mattered. Knowing they didn’t like him was upsetting.

"Well, I’ve been wanting to go into Cincinnati and look at the lights. There’s a high end outlet mall on the way if your dad will let me steal you for the day," Blaine explained.

Kurt grew excited at the thought of being able to shop at real stores, not shuffle though the shitty collections at JC Penny. Spending the day trying on designer clothes and the night strolling hand in hand through the city all decorated for the holidays? It sounded like a dream.

"I’ll talk to him tonight," Kurt said with a happy smile. They kissed briefly, Blaine pulling away with a goofy smile.

"You smell like me," he said, walking him out to his car and giving him one final kiss before opening the door for Kurt like the perfect gentleman he was. They said goodbye with promises to text each other later.

When Kurt got home that night, he was only five minutes late and his father wasn’t waiting by the door which meant he couldn’t be in too much trouble.

"That you, Kurt?" his dad called out from the kitchen. "I think I overcooked the noodles. They aren’t soft like you make them."

Kurt entered the kitchen, setting his book bag down on the bar stool and went to peak over his dad’s shoulder.

"Did you stir them at all?" Kurt asked, trying not to sound too condescending, he knew how sensitive his dad was about his cooking ever since they’d decided to start cooking together as a way to bond.

"You have to stir them? It just says boil," his dad exclaimed frustrated. He pointed at the cookbook like it was all the recipes fault.

"Well, just trash those and we’ll start over. Those aren’t enough noodles for four people anyway. Have you seen the way Finn eats everything in sight?" Kurt asked as he began peeling his winter coat, scarf, and hat off.

"Carole called, she got asked to stay for another shift and Finn is having dinner with Rachel’s dads. Just you and me tonight, Bud," he smiled happily.

It was rare the two of them were alone for meals, but Kurt found he treasured those times most. As much as he loved Carole and even Finn, he sometimes longed for the days where it was just them leaning on each other to survive.

"Why’s your hair wet?" he asked, suspiciously. "I thought you were going over to Blaine’s to watch the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that Finn deleted.”

Kurt froze for a second, wondering if he knew. Could he sense the fact that his relationship with Blaine was no longer innocent? Oh God, he didn’t think he could endure the lecture he’d get if that was true. They hadn’t even had the safe sex talk Kurt knew he was going to get sooner or later.

He needed to come up with a believable story and fast.

"I got slushied after we went caroling," Kurt explained quickly, keeping his head down so his dad wouldn’t see that he was lying. It worked in his favor because it made him appear upset and embarrassed.

"What does that mean you got slushied?” he asked a dangerous edge to his voice.

Kurt knew he should feel guilty about this lie. He knew that his dad would throw a fit when Kurt told him some kids threw a slushie at him. He didn’t care though. Even if it was a lie, those kids weren’t innocent. They’d thrown slushies before, called him names, tripped him in the hall and pushed him into lockers.

"Kurt," his dad said, warning him that he best answer the question. He felt his eyes begin to water.

"Some kids at school threw a slushie at me," he whispered, wrapping his arms around his stomach.

It hadn’t taken much to reduce him back to the scared kid he’d been just a few months ago at his old school. He almost wished he hadn’t lied about why his hair was wet. Then they could continue on pretending that Kurt wasn’t struggling through school.

"Is this why you were throwing away that sweater you always wear the other day?" he asked with an eerie calm.

Kurt just nodded, not trusting his voice.

"Okay, okay," Burt repeated over and over as he hugged Kurt tightly.

He hadn’t meant to, but he’d found himself crying into his dad’s shoulder. He’d been hiding the bullying from him for years. Sure, his dad knew about some of it. He couldn’t hide the late night phone calls claiming he would burn in hell. He certainly hadn’t been able to unnail his patio furniture from the roof without his dad’s help. He didn’t know about the bruises though. He had no idea about Karofsky and the kiss. Kurt had never mentioned the death threats.

Now it all just came tumbling out of his mouth in barely distinguishable words as he continued to sob. Burt held him closely and whispered encouraging, soothing words into his ear. When that didn’t work, he started singing. It was horribly off-key and he knew his dad hated singing, but it was the song his mother used to sing to him as a kid and it finally helped calm him down enough to stop sobbing.

He pulled away and wiped at his eyes, knowing his face had to be stained red. When they looked at each other again, they both started laughing, embarrassed over the whole thing. Kurt for crying and Burt for singing.

"I’m going to trash the noodles and order pasta and cheesecake from that restaurant you like and you and I are going to talk," Burt said, pulling a chair out for Kurt so he would know this wasn’t a suggestion.

He sat down and watched as his dad pulled a delivery menu off the fridge and called in an order for the two of them. Once he was done he pulled two mugs down from the cabinet and poured milk into them, heating them in the microwave. It wasn’t cooked on the stove-top like his mother used to do, but it was nice all the same. Soon the two of them were sitting at the table sipping at their mugs.

After that the story just tumbled out of him. He told his dad all about the jokes he’d gotten on the playground during elementary school. He talked about how nobody would ever pick him for their team during recess because Dave and his friends convinced the whole school that the mosquito bite he’d gotten on his face was West Nile and if he touched them, they would die.

He told his dad the real reason Sarah Jane stopped coming over during sixth grade was because they’d started writing mean things on her books and locker for hanging out with him. He explained that he’d been too scared to go to any of the school dances because the kids at school had started purposefully tripping him in the halls and pushing him down the bleachers. He’d lied when he said he didn’t like dancing, he just didn’t like being at school.

He went on to explain every horrible thing, every bruise he’d been scared would never heal until he finally got to Dave Karofsky and the kiss that lead to Kurt’s death threat. By the end of it all, they were both in tears and had finished up their pasta. Burt was cutting them both generous slices of cheesecake. Finn had come in at some point but had been smart enough to make himself scarce.

"So they are giving you a hard time at McKinley now?" his dad asked, his voice scratchy from the tears.

Kurt nodded, eating another big bite of cheesecake.

"It’s better now though, it’s not as bad," he explained. "It won’t get that bad again."

"This is how it starts, throwing slushies around, a few words here and there… What makes you so sure it won’t happen again?"

"I have friends now," he explained. "I have Blaine."

His dad was silent for awhile, nodding his head like he was trying to figure something out.

"Let’s talk about you and Blaine," he said.

Kurt looked up at him, his eyes too wide to hide the truth.

"There’s nothing going on between Blaine and me," he explained far too quickly, seeing where this was going right about the same time Burt did.

"Really?" he asked with a knowing tone. He got up from his chair and moved over to the drawer where they kept all the important papers, digging around until he found what he was looking for. Before Kurt could even finish his last bite of cheesecake, pamphlets were being thrown down next to his plate.

Kurt looked down to read the titles: Boys Will Be Boys-Safer Sex Tips For Young Gay Men, Ten Good Reasons To Use A Condom, and one he couldn’t read but had a cartoon penis giving a thumbs up.

"What are those?" Kurt asked, knowing and dreading the answer.

"Those are some pamphlets I picked up at the clinic because it is time you and I had the talk," his dad said, looking just as displeased about this turn of events as Kurt was.

"No, it’s not," Kurt said, shaking his head frantically.

"Yes, it is," he said but Kurt couldn’t hear what followed because he abruptly put his fingers in his ears and started singing.

"Hey," Burt pulled his fingers out of his ears and gave him a warning look. "This is gonna suck for both of us. If I have to do this, you have to do this."

"Why?" Kurt whined, praying he could somehow talk himself out of this.

"Because you have a new best friend that you look at like some sort of Disney prince and from what I’ve seen, he seems to look at you the same way," he explained, sitting down in the chair and spreading the pamphlets out so Kurt could see them in all their embarrassing glory.

"Now, most of the mechanics of what you will be doing are going to be doing is covered in these, so I want you to read them and come to me if you have any questions."

Kurt turned his head away as he blushed, trying not to think of the fact that he’d already experienced much of the mechanics first hand for fear that his dad could somehow read his mind.

"Okay," Kurt said over-enthusiastically, eager to end the conversation. He grabbed the pamphlets and started to stand up when his dad yelled at him to sit down.

"We’re just getting started."

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