[FIC] Carry Your Shame: Blaine Interlude (9.5/25)

Rating: NC-17

Beta: Laura aka- gottriplets <3

Warnings: First time sex, blow jobs, exhibitionism, sexting, gay sex all around- the usual :) This chapter contains homophobic language and violence

Summary: Kurt doesn’t think the Blaine Anderson will ever notice him, so he’s not in the least bit prepared for what happens when he does. (My take on the whole Popular!Blaine, nerd!Kurt trope)

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And now for a moment of Blaine.


On the last day of school before winter break Coach Roz had blessed them all with a morning practice, claiming they needed to up their game for the winter invitational meet over break. Normally, Blaine was a zombie before morning practices. He wasn’t a morning person and people knew better than to try and talk to him before he got a second cup of coffee in him and had been woken up by cold water, chlorine and a hearty workout. Today was different though. Today he felt like he was walking on air. 

It didn’t matter that his brother was in town or that he’d gotten reamed out by his father when they returned home late. It didn’t matter that he’d had to sit through dinner listening to Cooper’s perfect life in LA while his dad talked about the good old days—the days when Cooper still lived at home and Blaine was still too young to have come out . No amount of ribbing from his brother or disapproval from his father was going to bring him down now, because he had something special. He had something so wonderful and bright in his life that it managed to make even the dark things shine. 


That light had been pretty bright when they were just friends, but now that they’d progressed into something more, it was almost blinding. Blaine couldn’t seem to get enough of the warmth he felt whenever he was with Kurt. They spent an amazing afternoon together and had texted back and forth until well into the night, making Blaine feel lighter than he had in months, maybe even years. 

So that morning when his alarm went off for the first time, he didn’t hit snooze like he usually did. He woke up, packed his practice bag and had a full half hour to spare before he had to leave the house. He debated going back to sleep for a few minutes, but he thought better of it when he saw the jump drive sitting on his desk from yesterday. 

There was nothing wrong with a little orgasm before a tough practice to help him focus better. If said orgasm came from jerking off to a tape of Blaine and Kurt together… Well nobody could really blame him, could they? 

“You’ve got pep in your step that’s not usually there this early in the morning,” Puck said as they walked into the locker room that morning to get ready for practice. “What gives?” 

“Yeah, I mean we’ve got like a million finals today, what are you smiling like an idiot for?” Sam asked him. 

Blaine hadn’t realized he was smiling, but he didn’t make an effort to hide it. What was the point? So he was happy, that didn’t mean anything. Besides, they already knew he was spending time with Kurt, what was the worst thing that could happen? They find out that he liked him? So what? 

“Can’t a guy just be happy?” Blaine asked, dumping his bag into his locker and pulling out his suit to change into. 

“Wasn’t your brother supposed to be coming into town last night?” Mike asked him suspiciously. He was already changed into his suit and standing by the door, waiting for them all so they could get started.

“It’s nothing,” Blaine shrugged it off, not bothering to work too hard at covering this one up. If it got out, then maybe he and Kurt wouldn’t have to sneak around so much. Maybe he’d get to be with him for real, not just behind closed doors. 

“Just promise me you didn’t sleep with Riley again,” Puck said, giving him a warning look. “I’ve told you to leave him alone, he’s a tool and you shouldn’t be hanging around him.” 

“I didn’t sleep with him, Jesus, calm down,” Blaine said, secretly touched that Puck cared so much but he couldn’t exactly say that in a room full of dudes. 

“Well you’re the one wearing that ‘I just had rough and dirty sex of the kinkiest variety’ face, what did you expect me to think?” Puck threw his hands up in surrender when he saw Blaine glaring at him. 

“I don’t always have to have rough and kinky sex to be satisfied, you know,” Blaine grumbled, trying not to think about Riley. That ship had past and Blaine was happy to see it go. Puck was right; Riley was a tool and had only really used him for sex anyway. 

“So you did have sex then,” Sam stated, knowingly. He high-fived Puck like the two of them had just won the showcase on the Price is Right for figuring out Blaine’s love life. “This is your ‘I just got laid’ face.” 

“Well whatever it is, I’m just glad you’re over that Hummel twink,” Brent, one of the seniors interrupted them with a congratulatory slap to Blaine’s back. 

He felt his mouth go dry at that. Brent was a cool guy. He talked to Blaine on occasion at parties here and there and they never had a problem with each other before. However, they were hardly friends. The seniors were old enough to have generally stayed out of the football/swimming rivalry that stemmed from the Finn and Puck fallout last year. A lot of the senior swimmers were still friends with plenty of the boys on the football team and hung out with them on a regular basis. Blaine had never felt a need to spend much time with any of the seniors. 

Which made him that much more uncomfortable hearing derogatory comments about Kurt coming from Brent’s mouth. Puck was different, Puck Blaine could educate. Sam, Mike, the rest of the boys—Blaine had control over them. He could talk to them and with a few crass comments and jokes convince them to back off. Blaine didn’t know what Brent was getting at and what he could possibly do about it if it turned out his intentions weren’t so good. 

“Why?” Blaine asked, trying to appear nonchalant. He didn’t want to call more attention to himself and Kurt by seeming to care too much. 

“Aw nothing really,” Brent said with a shrug. “Just overheard Hunter and some of the footballers talking is all. They’ve been harassing him because they thought you guys were dating. Don’t really need that on your rap sheet, it’ll bring the whole team down if they think we can’t protect against some slushies and dumpster tosses.” 

Blaine’s eyes darted around quickly trying to survey everyone’s reaction and he was horrified to see everyone nodding their heads in agreement. So much for thinking he could come clean about his feelings for Kurt. If the kids at school were trying to use Kurt to get to Blaine then Blaine couldn’t exactly walk down the halls hand in hand with Kurt now, could he? He knew what bullying could lead to and he wasn’t ready to put himself in that kind of danger again, let alone Kurt. 

“Well, whatever,” Blaine shrugged it off, grabbing his goggles and slamming his locker closed. They needed to be getting into the pool and he was tired of this conversation. It was killing the nice happy buzz he’d had going. “I was never into him anyway. Just liked the whole virginal vibe he had going on. Those tight pants he wears were pretty tempting, too. But I’ve gotten over that now that I’ve found somebody more experienced to get off with,” he lied through his teeth. 

If he could convince the seniors that Kurt wasn’t even a slight thing for Blaine, then he was positive they would pass the message along to the rest of the football team.  

“Spill,” Puck said, putting a heavy arm around his shoulder and pulling him into a headlock as they walked out to the pool. “I want to hear all about the guy that’s fucking you so hard you’re grinning like a 14 year old fangirl who’s just met Justin Timberlake.” 

“You don’t know him,” Blaine said, quickly, hoping the questions wouldn’t go too far. He didn’t want to get caught in his lie. 

“College boy? I know most of the people you do, I bet I’ve seen him around,” Puck said. Blaine could tell all the others were listening in like vultures. In high school, good gossip was like currency. 

“He goes to prep school… Catholic school,” Blaine corrected when he remembered that Mike knew a bunch of boys at the prep school down the road and would likely check up on his story. “You know how kinky those religious repressed types are.” 

“If you boys are finished gossiping like school girls, we can get started so you don’t embarrass me this week,” Coach Roz called out to them, causing them all to straighten up immediately and stop talking. Practice had started and they all knew better than to try and talk to each other when Coach Roz was running a practice. None of them wanted a Saturday morning practice added. Most of them were still recovering from the last one two months ago. Nobody should have to spend six hours in a pool doing suicides. Ever. 

As Blaine dove into the pool, he left it all behind on the block. Cooper, his dad, the kids at school, it was just him and the water. Nothing could touch Blaine in the pool when he was the fastest kid in the state. He liked that feeling. As much as being a swimmer had become a show for him, especially with his father, swimming itself allowed him a freedom he didn’t often have. He was fast, he was the best, and as long as he was in the pool, nobody could get the best of him. He didn’t have to be weak so long as he was in the water doing laps. 

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