[FIC] Carry Your Shame 9/25

Rating: NC-17

Beta: Laura aka- gottriplets <3

Warnings: First time sex, blow jobs, exhibitionism, sexting, gay sex all around- the usual :) This chapter contains homophobic language and violence

Summary: Kurt doesn’t think the Blaine Anderson will ever notice him, so he’s not in the least bit prepared for what happens when he does. (My take on the whole Popular!Blaine, nerd!Kurt trope)

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When Kurt got home that night, the house was relatively calm. His dad and Carole were cuddled up on the couch watching the nightly news. Carole was in her nursing scrubs getting ready to go in for the midnight shift while his dad was barely awake, tired from an early morning at the shop. They looked so content together—comfortable. Kurt was glad that his father had finally found somebody to come home to, it had been a long eight years since his mother had died and his father deserved some happiness of his own after focusing all of his attention on Kurt for so long. 

Kurt waved hello to them and headed into the kitchen for a bottle of water, planning on heading upstairs to finish his homework. He wasn’t expecting to see Finn at the kitchen table, eating a piece of cake and reading Macbeth for English. Kurt felt all of the rage he’d held on Blaine’s behalf begin to boil. How dare Finn be careless enough to out Blaine to the entire school? Even worse, how could he not see that he was at fault for it?

“Hey,” Finn said, nonchalantly like it was nothing, like it was any other day. 

Kurt fixed him with a glare, fully prepared to read him the riot act. 

“I’m off to work,” Carole said, walking into the room and giving each of them a kiss on the cheek. “Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable hour, please,” she said to Finn. 

His dad followed her into the kitchen, blinking heavily in the way that meant it was time for him to head upstairs. 

“It’s really nice to see you two finally getting along,” his dad said, patting Kurt on the back and giving him a big smile. 

Kurt debated telling his father what Finn had done. He knew that his dad wouldn’t be happy; that he would take Kurt’s side and make sure Finn realized what an idiot he’d been. He couldn’t, though. Not with the way his dad was pulling Carole in close for a goodnight kiss. Not with the way he smiled at the two of them like having two sons was the greatest thing ever. Kurt might not be happy with Finn, he might want to rip his head off at the moment, but he loved his dad. He couldn’t stress his father out about this right now. They’d had a long couple of months at the beginning of the year between Kurt’s bullying and Burt getting sick, Kurt didn’t want to mess things up for them now that his dad was finally happy. 

Yelling at Finn could wait for another time. 

He headed upstairs, reminding himself that he had six finals between Thursday and Friday and more important things to worry about besides Finn. His phone buzzed in his pocket as he was getting changed into his pajamas. He smiled as he read the text from Blaine. 

To Kurt:

I hope you got home safe <3 

He couldn’t help but blush at the heart Blaine had added to the text message. He wasn’t sure if he was in love with Blaine yet, he didn’t even know if he knew what love actually felt like, but he knew he was well on his way. After tonight, hearing everything that Blaine had gone through, he knew that he’d found someone special. Blaine’d managed to go through hell at his old school and come out on top. He was happy and healthy and everything Kurt could ever hope for in a partner. 

To Blaine: 

Safe and sound <3 

Blaine’s response came immediately and Kurt had to remind himself that he had finals to study for and a paper to finish. He couldn’t let this consume his night. He would see what Blaine had said, bid him goodnight and talk to him later. After all, they had all the time in the world for conversation, didn’t they? 

To Kurt:

Good. Adele’s new album is leaking online. 

One song every hour.

Rumor Has It, Kurt. Listen to it. 

This album is going to consume my life until Florence decides to release something new. 

So much for homework, Kurt thought with a roll of his eyes as he opened his laptop to get on the message boards and hunt down all the leaked tracks. If Blaine was recommending new music, Kurt knew it would be life changing, and this was Adele. Kurt quickly located all of the mp3s and had them on his iPod within twenty minutes—Tumblr really was a godsend. Kurt wrote his paper to the tracks of 21, texting Blaine with his opinions on each new song as they came out. The two of them didn’t get to sleep until three, but Kurt didn’t regret a thing. 

He was just glad that they still had their friendship to fall back on now that they were having sex. As much as he enjoyed kissing Blaine and getting off together, he also knew that they had a special bond as friends that nothing would ever be able to touch. He’d been nervous that would disappear in favor of sexts and make out sessions. He was glad to see all that worrying had been for nothing.


Tuesday and Wednesday came and went in a blur of papers, studying, Glee rehearsals, swim practices and Christmas shopping. Kurt and Blaine hadn’t had the time to see each other since their talk on Monday, but Kurt wasn’t worried. They were both busy, that was all. Blaine had told him that he liked him and that had been enough for Kurt. Hell, that was more than Kurt had ever dreamed of. He had stopped being paranoid over every delayed text message and being barely acknowledged wave in the hallway. 

There had been a few more instances with the football players bullying him, but nothing beyond hateful words had happened so Kurt wasn’t too concerned. He could deal with the slurs, he didn’t know if he could deal with another one of his carefully planned outfits getting slushied. He had stashed an extra outfit in his locker on Tuesday so he’d be prepared if those goons decided to slushie him again. 

Thursday had hit them all faster than anyone had been prepared for and the entire school was a rush of kids running to classes so they wouldn’t be late to finals and studying frantically during any spare minute of free time. Kurt had never seen the library so crowded as during finals week, when he sat down at one of the tables with Lauren after his Physics final had let out. 

To Kurt:

This French final is a joke now that I’ve got you as my tutor. 

Kurt smiled at the text, before looking up at Lauren who was suspiciously typing away at her laptop. 

“What are you doing?” Kurt asked. 

“Writing a computer program for Marc Griffon’s Computer Science project,” she explained, not looking up from the screen. 

“You can’t do that,” Kurt said, scandalized. 

“I’ve got two hundred bucks here that says I can,” she said with a satisfied smirk. 

“You’re getting paid two hundred dollars to do somebody’s final project?” Kurt asked, whispering so none of the teachers would overhear. 

“And it’s only going to take me twenty minutes,” Lauren laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. 

Kurt gave her an amused smile as she practically fell out of her chair. He wasn’t sure how they’d even become friends, they were so different from each other. She was a rule breaker and a complete bad-ass. He felt guilty when he was two minutes late to class and was about as intimidating as Kermit the Frog. 

“And…done,” she said, typing one final thing on the computer before closing it and putting it into her bag. “So, are you going to tell me what’s got you smiling like you’re about to be committed to the looney bin while the rest of us are busy stressing out over finals?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kurt said as he pulled out his copy of Macbeth to bury his face in so she wouldn’t see him blushing. He could feel his phone vibrating again, but he didn’t dare look at it while Lauren was staring him down. He wasn’t going to give her any more ammunition to work with. 

“Are you sure?” she asked, a knowing hint to her voice. 

Kurt chanced a glance up at her to see her smirking at him in the way that usually meant she knew more than she was letting on. 

“Does it have anything to do with the sex you and Anderson had in the janitor’s closet on Monday?” she asked innocently. 

Kurt slammed his book down on the table as his eyes went wide from shock. 

“Wha—how—who even—what?” Kurt sputtered, looking for something intelligent to say, knowing that his bumbling was making him look even guiltier. 

“Relax Wonderboy, nobody knows but me,” she said, waving her hand as if this would somehow calm him down. It didn’t even come close. How had she found out? Had she seen them coming out of the closet together? Had she overheard them talking about it? Stolen his phone and gone through his text messages? 

“I’ve got this entire school bugged, I saw you two,” she explained casually like it was no big deal. Like her seeing him fooling around with Blaine, rutting against each other practically naked was just another day in her life. It was mortifying to think that such a private moment had been caught on tape. 

“Is that even legal?” he asked, his voice frantic. 

“Relax, it’s high school not the Oval Office, I’m hardly getting secrets that will start World War III,” she explained. 

“Give me the tape,” Kurt said, trying his best to remain calm. 

“It’s already been deleted,” she laughed. 

“Lauren,” Kurt fixed her with a serious look. “Please give me the tape. The original, too.” 

“Fine,” Lauren said with a shrug. “I don’t know what you’re so uptight about, your form was excellent and you both seemed to enjoy yourselves.” 

“Oh God,” Kurt’s head feel into his arms and he wondered if it was possible to die from embarrassment. He could not believe one of his first sexual encounters had been witnessed by his friend. He wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole. 

“You act like it’s my fault you two are so horny you couldn’t wait until you got home,” she said, sliding a flash drive across the table towards him. 

“You just carry it around?” he whispers harshly, feeling his face grow impossibly darker as he quickly pockets the flash drive and does his best to forget about it. 

“Well, where would you like me to keep it?” 

Kurt glared at her, wondering again how they’d even become friends. Is this the kind of things that friends did for one another, because if it was, he’d like a refund. 

“Why did you even bug the school?” Kurt asked, trying to calm himself down so he wouldn’t spend the rest of the day looking like a giant tomato. 

“Practice for the future,” she shrugged. “Besides, the blackmail money I get from the idiots I catch on screen is enough to fund my Cadbury addiction during off-season.”

“So you were keeping this for blackmail then?” Kurt glared at her. 

“Did I make you pay me to give it back?” Lauren asked. “Friends don’t blackmail friends. I was just keeping it because I thought you might like to watch you and your new Bella get it on. Otherwise I would have deleted it.” 

“And you decided that a good friend would watch the entire thing to down?” Kurt asked doubtfully.

“You can’t blame me. You know I have a Twilight addiction and that was like every porny version of Edward/Cisboy!Bella come to life. I had to,” she said giving him a half-guilty look that he knew was the closet to an apology he would get with her. 

“I can’t believe you filmed us,” Kurt said, quieter this time, feeling himself starting to get over his embarrassment about the whole thing. If Lauren wasn’t going to be awkward over it, then he shouldn’t be, right? It wasn’t like he was ashamed of Blaine. They were teenagers. Apart from skipping class, there wasn’t anything wrong with them getting out some of their sexual tension with a willing partner. 

“I can’t believe my virginal little Cullen is getting deflowered by an Olympian,” Lauren said with a proud smile. 

“Junior Olympian,” Kurt corrected, feeling his face flush when she smirked at him and made some comment about there being nothing junior about their equipment. “I thought you didn’t like my crush on Blaine,” he fired back. 

“That was before I realized how much that boy worships you,” Lauren said. “You two are like a real life one true pairing.” 

“Is there anything you don’t fangirl over?”, he teased her as the bell rang and they both got up to head to their next finals. 

“The Glee Club,” she said, giving him a knowing look. “Please tell me the rumor that you guys are going to carol around the school is false.” 

“Unfortunately not,” he sighed. “I’ve already prepared a see-through Marc Jacobs rain coat in preparation for all the Christmas colored slushies I’m going to have thrown at me.” 

“I’m not cleaning you up this time,” she said. “If anything, I’ll be the one holding the cup.” 

“Can’t say I’d blame you,” Kurt laughed as they made their way towards Government. 


Kurt’s government final took every bit of the seventy minutes they were allotted, so he didn’t get to look Blaine’s text until he was on his way to lunch, surrounded by Rachel Berry and that quiet Asian girl Kurt was pretty sure was dating Blaine’s friend Mike. Rachel was rattling off instructions about sewing snowflakes onto cardigans for them to wear when they went caroling tomorrow. Tina—at least that’s what Kurt thought her name was, he had a hard time keeping everyone straight—was glaring at Rachel out of the corner of her eye, but didn’t say anything. Kurt figured that was smart, from what he’d gathered from Rachel based on the few times she’d been over to his house with Finn, she was a bit… intense. 

Kurt ignored Rachel’s blabbering in favor of pulling out his phone and checking his messages. 

To Kurt:

Rumor is that my Stats final only takes a half hour, meet me in our special closet after?

Kurt felt himself heat up at the reminder of the sex tape he was currently carrying around in his pocket. There would be no more rendezvous on school grounds anymore. Not as long as Lauren was running her illegal businesses and continued to bug her unsuspecting classmates. Kurt still hadn’t figured out how he would get back at her for this, but he knew it would have to be something big. 

To Blaine:

Love to, except we can’t do this at school anymore :(

He quickly typed out, hiding his screen from Rachel when she tried to peak over his shoulder. 

“Who are you talking to?” she asked him, suspiciously. 

“Just a friend,” Kurt said, giving her a strange look. What business was it of hers? 

“Just checking that you’re not talking to anyone from your old school’s Glee Club,” Rachel said. “As captain of the New Directions, it’s my job to make sure that everyone is completely loyal to the club, meaning they aren’t spilling our secrets to our competition.” 

“Relax,” Tina said with a roll of her eyes. “Not everyone is Jesse St. James.” 

“I wasn’t even in Glee Club at my old school,” Kurt said defensively. He wasn’t even sure what they were talking about, but he couldn’t help the feeling that Rachel was attacking him a bit. 

“You weren’t in Glee Club before?” Rachel asked, giving him a surprised look along with Tina. 

“No,” he said with a shrug. 

“Well you must have done theatre then?” Rachel pressed. 

“Nope,” he responded. “The most practice I’ve gotten is singing along to old musicals in my room.” 

“Impressive,” Tina said with a smirk, giving Rachel a satisfied look. “All that talent and no training, he might even pass you up with a little work, Berry.” 

“I doubt it,” she said, turning on her heel and heading in the direction of the choir room, completely forgetting that she had been the one to invite Kurt to lunch with her. 

“What’s her deal?” Kurt asked, perplexed. 

“She’s Rachel, you’ll learn to get used to it,” Tina explained. “Dramatic exits are kind of her signature move.” 

“Right,” Kurt nodded as if it made sense, when he was still completely confused. He’d never had friends before, but he assumed this was all part of getting to know people. Artist were supposed to be fickle and dramatic, wasn’t that what he’d read? Maybe this was all completely normal behavior and he just didn’t understand because up until recently his only companion had been his father and the people he talked to on the internet. 

His phone buzzed in his hand, three texts from Blaine. He must have missed the first two while trying to make sense of Rachel, a mistake he was sure to make again. 

To Kurt:


Did something happen?

I thought you were okay with it last time? You mad or something?

Tina was giving him a curious look as he flicked through his messages, knowing that his face was flushed with the memory of the last time Blaine had met him in that closet. Luckily she had enough tact not to ask him about it. 

It wasn’t that Kurt didn’t enjoy himself, he’d certainly enjoyed every second of their time together. He just didn’t enjoy it enough to invite Lauren in to watch them for a second time. Once was emotionally scarring enough, thank you very much. 

His fingers hesitated over the screen as Tina lead him into the lunchroom, helping him avoid running into anything. He was debating over what to say to Blaine. He didn’t know how he would react to this news and it felt weird to send over a text. However, he figured it wouldn’t sound that much better hearing it in person. Hell, he’d probably be too embarrassed to say the words out loud. He had a sex tape of them.

Kurt Hummel, previously Never-Been-Kissed-in-a-way-that-mattered Hummel, had a sex tape of him getting off with the hottest boy at school.  

No, Kurt had to tell Blaine. He couldn’t go the rest of the day with the flash drive burning a hole in his pocket. He had to tell somebody, if only so he didn’t feel like he was carrying around this massive secret with nobody to share it with. Sure, he had Lauren, but all she was interested in was convincing him to do it again so she could write kinky smut about it to put on her blog. 

To Blaine:

Let’s just say that we weren’t exactly as secretive as we thought we were. 

The response came immediately. Kurt wondered how he was even managing to text during his math final, but he realized that was hardly what mattered at the moment. 

To Kurt:

What are you talking about? Somebody saw us?

I haven’t heard anything.

Kurt paid for his lunch, one he didn’t even remember getting, and followed Tina over to a table. There were a few other kids there that he recognized. The kid in a wheelchair, Artie, the Latina cheerleader and the ditzy one, Kurt couldn’t remember their names because they’d never introduced themselves to him, and Mike. They greeted him and went right back into discussions about caroling the next day. 

“Maybe I can fake a heart attack and you can tell Schue that you need to take me to the doctor,” the Latina girl said. 

“That won’t work, Schue’ll call 9-11,” Mike said. “We can all just ditch.” 

“What and put Rachel on a war path? You remember what happened when we didn’t show up to that nursing home gig?” Artie said, causing them all to get a horrified look on their face. 

“Face it, there’s no way out of caroling,” Tina said, leaning into Mike’s open arms for emotional support. 

They all seemed preoccupied enough that Kurt didn’t feel rude continuing his texting with Blaine. 

To Blaine:

Do you know Lauren Zizes?

To Kurt:

The girl Puck “didn’t” make out with at the last swimming party and “certainly doesn’t like”???

Kurt rolled his eyes at that, wondering just how much Blaine knew about Puck and Lauren. Kurt didn’t even know all of the details. Maybe Blaine could fill him in and he could play matchmaker…

Not the time, he reminded himself. Besides, he was mad at Lauren. She didn’t deserve him helping out her romantic life. 

To Blaine:

Apparently she’s got the entire school bugged. 

To Kurt:

What are you talking about?

Oh God, couldn’t Blaine just put two and two together? Was he really going to make him say it? If he put it out there in black and white, it would make it real. Right now, he could at least pretend the flash drive contained a pirated version of the latest Twilight.

To Blaine: 

Apparently she’s training to be a Russian spy when she grows up… there was a camera in that closet. Lauren saw us. 

To Kurt:

Shit! Really?

Do you think she told anyone? 

Kurt was confused by the last text. Was that what concerned Blaine? He was upset that other people might find out about them? Kurt thought Blaine liked him, was he embarrassed by that? 

To Blaine:

Would that make you upset?

To Kurt:

That’s not what I meant… I just… 

This is a lot to take in. I’m shocked I guess. 

Kurt felt bad for immediately being defensive. Of course Blaine was surprised. Kurt had been too when he’d found out. This wasn’t something either of them had really planned on. 

To Blaine:

She gave me the original of the tape. She hasn’t said anything to anyone else. 

She’s my friend, she won’t. 

To Kurt:

So you’re telling me that you’re in possession of a sex tape starring yours truly and the most gorgeous man in all of Ohio?

Kurt had to blush at that. Even if he didn’t believe half of Blaine’s compliments, they were still nice to hear. 

To Blaine:

No, I’m telling you there’s a sex tape of you and me. 

To Kurt:

I’m kind of speechless, that’s embarrassing Zizes saw that. 

Though I’m sure it was hot. 

To Blaine:

So she tells me. 

At least you don’t have to look her in the eyes every day. She couldn’t stop talking about how great it all was. 

To Kurt:

We should watch it. 

To Blaine:




Why would Blaine want to see them together? And why was that idea starting to turn him on? What was the matter with him? 

To Kurt:

What’s done is done right?

Bring it over, we can watch it this afternoon before I have to go pick my brother up from the airport ;) 

Kurt couldn’t stop his face from turning red, causing more than a few of New Directions to watch him suspiciously. 

To Blaine: 

I’m studying for finals. 

To Kurt:

You’re gonna show me that tape sooner or later and I’m going to make you so happy you did. 


By the time Glee practice finally let out, Kurt was exhausted. He’d had little sleep thanks to studying all night, four incredibly grueling finals that day and one Rachel Berry bossing him around for the last hour and a half. All he wanted was to eat dinner and take a long, warm bath before falling into bed before waking up and taking his last four finals. What he wasn’t expecting was to see Blaine leaned against his Escalade, looking like a runway model with his charcoal grey pea coat and Titan colored scarf paired with what was probably Kurt’s favorite pair of black pants thanks to the way they clung to Blaine’s ass in all the right ways.  

Kurt bit back the immediate sense of arousal he felt at the site of him leaning against his car, because Blaine could be his now. Blaine had to go to the airport today to pick up his brother and Kurt had to be home. There wasn’t any time for the sinful things that Kurt was thinking of doing to Blaine. He’d have to save those thoughts for once winter break finally hit and they had some free time to actually explore one another. 

“Where’s Finn?” Blaine asked him with smile Kurt was starting to realize he only used when they were alone. It sent a tingle down him that settled low in his belly. 

“Getting a ride with Rachel so they can study,” Kurt said with a roll of his eyes. “I thought you had to pick your brother up from the airport today.”

“I don’t have to leave for an hour or so,” Blaine said, trailing off and giving him a knowing look. 

Kurt knew what that look meant and he was thankful for it. Ever since they’d started fooling around this past weekend, Kurt’s been almost insatiable. It’s like all of those years that he spent not being able to kiss or date like everyone else was making him addicted to the feeling now. 

“You’re not getting that video from me,” Kurt teased. They’d been getting to know one another better and Kurt was starting to understand just how much Blaine liked it when he played the innocent card, when he acted completely oblivious to Blaine’s sexual advances. 

“Who said anything about a video?” Blaine smirked, reaching out to grab onto his scarf and pull him closer. 

“You’re not getting it from me,” he laughed as Blaine began playing with his scarf, threading his fingers through the fabric and looking up at him through the tops of his lashes. Kurt had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from throwing Blaine against the car door and kissing him senseless. He couldn’t think straight when Blaine looked up at him like that, like Kurt was all he’d ever want. 

“I’ll get it out of you sooner than later,” Blaine said, poking at his side playfully. 

“Oh, and how do you suppose you’re going to do that Mr. Anderson?” Kurt fired back, reaching around Blaine to unlock the car door. It was cold outside and they should really  have been having this conversation in private. Kurt didn’t know how much longer he would be able to resist Blaine and he didn’t think the school would appreciate them going at it in the middle of the parking lot for anyone to see. 

“By exploiting your weaknesses,” he said hotly into Kurt’s ear, causing him to drop his keys to the ground.  

“I have weaknesses?” Kurt said, breathily. 

Blaine nodded and looked around the empty parking lot to ensure that they were alone before leaning in and sucking at a spot right below his ear, making Kurt gasp. 

“Okay,” Kurt said quickly. “Okay, you win.” 

“What’s my prize?” Blaine asked while he licked a line up his neck. 

“How much time did you say you had?” 

Fifteen minutes later, the boys found themselves in the back seat of Kurt’s car, parked in an abandoned parking lot hidden from the street by some overgrown bushes. Blaine was spread out under Kurt, shirt already unbuttoned and arching up into Kurt’s hands wherever he touched. Kurt was currently mouthing at his collarbone as Blaine spread his legs wider to accommodate Kurt. It wasn’t the most comfortable of positions. The seats weren’t long enough for Kurt to really be able to stretch out and they had to be careful unless they wanted to fall off the seat, but Blaine was moaning his name and Kurt’s lips were on his sweaty skin and Kurt couldn’t find any complaint with that. 

“Oh God, yes,” Blaine mumbled as Kurt’s tongue circled around his nipple, sucking it into his mouth until it hardened. Then Kurt nibbled on it, experimentally. Blaine immediately cried out as his hips bucked up to slam into Kurt’s. If he wasn’t hard already, he was certainly there now. 

Blaine’s hand flew up behind him trying to grasp at something, only succeeding in leaving a dragging handprint on the steamed up window. Kurt would have to clean that later, his father was meticulous about clean cars and would notice smudge marks on the window and ask Kurt who he’d had in the back seat of his car. That was a problem for another time. Currently, Kurt was busy trying to find all of Blaine’s weaknesses. So far there was biting his swollen lower lip, the spot right at his pulse point, and now his overly sensitive nipples. 

“I have to go soon,” Blaine whimpered as his fingers dug into Kurt’s ass to drag him closer. 

“Your brother can wait,” Kurt commanded, unsure where this new sense of power had come from but noticing the way it made Blaine’s eyes light up in desire. 

“Yeah,” Blaine agreed, his voice high and desperate. He was completely  gone at this point and the way his legs wrapped around Kurt’s hips and squeezed until Blaine’s hard-on was pressing into Kurt’s stomach caused his tight fitting pants to become unbearable. 

“Yeah,” Blaine repeated, this time sounding more sure of what he was saying. “My brother can wait.” 

Blaine grabbed him by the back of the neck and forced him back up until their mouths met in a hungry kiss. His tongue still tasted like coffee and spearmint and Kurt would never admit it but it had made him start drinking coffee more and chewing gum just so he could remember the taste throughout the day. 

As their mouths continued to move together, making wet smacking sounds whenever one of them would pull away, Blaine’s hands began to push through the centimeters between them until he reached his pants. He fumbled with the button, but his fingers kept slipping every time Kurt would pull his lower lip into his mouth to suck on it. Kurt reached down to help, but with neither of them willing to separate their hips for long. Getting Blaine’s pants open was an almost impossible task. 

After several failed attempts on both their parts, they finally managed to undo the top button and Kurt found himself pulling down the zipper so he could palm Blaine through his briefs. Blaine’s head flew back and smacked into the door hard. 

“Are you alright?,” Kurt asked, worried he’d managed to give Blaine a concussion. 

“It’s fine,” Blaine said through a wince, but whether that was from the pain or from the pleasure Kurt couldn’t be sure. His hand moved off of Blaine to check his head over for any signs of bleeding when Blaine started giggling. 

“It’s really fine,” he said with a soft smile. “Amazingly fine. Just got a little carried away.” 

“Are you sure?” Kurt fussed. 

“Positive,” he said, running a soft hand through Kurt’s hair, lovingly. “Your hand was on my dick. My mind just… short circuited for a minute. I’m good. You can keep touching me now.” 

Kurt nodded, convinced that Blaine was telling the truth. He kissed him again, this time leaving a wet trail from his lips all the way to his ear, while his hand snaked between them again to push Blaine’s briefs down. As he began to suck on Blaine’s earlobe, he lifted his palm back up to Blaine’s mouth. Blaine immediately understood what he was asking for and began licking hot trails over his palm, even taking Kurt’s fingers into his mouth to suck on. 

Once Kurt’s palm was sufficiently wet enough to provide some lubrication, his hand snaked down between them to take hold of Blaine completely. 

“Fuck,” Blaine cursed as Kurt simultaneously bit below Blaine’s ear. 

“I don’t think you’ll last long enough for that,” Kurt whispered seductively into his ear. Blaine’s eyes shot open and gave him a surprised look. Kurt just shrugged it off and started pumping at Blaine, relishing the feeling of him hard and leaking pre-come just for Kurt. 

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Blaine whimpered, hips bucking up to meet every one of Kurt’s hard strokes. 

Kurt crawled off the seat and onto the floor so he could have both hands to work with as he began kissing all the way down Blaine’s chest. While one hand continued to play with Blaine’s dick, thumbing over the head to spread the pre-come around, the other moved to the back of his knee, lifting it until Blaine’s heel was pressing into the seat and he was open more for Kurt to see. 

Kurt’s tongue trailed around his belly button for a few minutes. By this point, Blaine had lost all ability to think, only mumbling out half words that sounded vulgar yet still sexy.  His face dipped lower, tongue skimming over the dark trail of hair just below his belly button. He was surprised that the smell of musk and sex rolling off of Blaine didn’t smell dirty. It smelled delicious and Kurt just wanted to taste him, but he didn’t even know where to start so he held back. He didn’t want to embarrass himself by trying to give a blow job without so much as researching it first. What if he did it all wrong and Blaine never wanted to do anything with him again? 

Instead of taking him into his mouth like he wanted to, he settled for sucking a mark into the inside of Blaine’s thigh. His free hand started playing with Blaine’s balls, rolling them between his fingers as he cried out for more. 

Kurt didn’t realize he would get so hard just from touching Blaine alone. He wasn’t even palming himself, yet still he felt like he could come on the spot. His hand dipped down lower, eager to explore more, when he reached around to grab at Blaine’s ass and he ended up brushing over his hole instead. 

Blaine’s loud groan managed to silence any fears Kurt had that he was doing this all wrong. If Blaine was losing himself in the passion and not worried about anything, why was Kurt holding back? He lifted his head to tentatively lick at Blaine’s head while fingering over his hole again. He was surprised to feel Blaine’s hand fly to his hair and pull him back suddenly, but understood as soon as he watched Blaine come all over his stomach. 

Kurt didn’t think there would ever be as sexier image than Blaine coming. With his head thrown back in reckless abandon, eyes squeezed shut as his perfectly sculpted abs were splattered white, Kurt knew that he was witnessing something special. If the porn industry ever discovered the magic that was Blaine Anderson, they would make billions. 

“Where did that come from?” Blaine asked, his voice breathless like he had just run a mile. 

Kurt just shrugged, hoping that everything had been okay. He was still new to this and knew that Blaine had been with older men. With men that probably knew their way around a penis much better than he did, even though he’d grown plenty acquainted with his own since meeting Blaine. 

“Come here,” Blaine said, swinging his legs to the ground and struggling to sit up so that Kurt had room to sit down. 

Once they were sitting side by side, Blaine leaned in to give him a lingering kiss. Kurt closed his eyes and tried to forget about the ache in his own pants that had yet to be taken care of. Blaine was already fifteen minutes late in leaving for the airport; he could just jerk off in the shower when he got home. 

“You should probably get going,” Kurt said, pulling away from the kiss. He reached up to run his hands through Blaine’s hair, trying to flatten it back down so he wouldn’t look quite so sex hazed when he saw his brother. It was bad enough that his lips were swollen and he had the beginnings of a hickey on his neck.  

“Yeah, I probably should,” Blaine said, though he didn’t look like he was planning on leaving any time soon. “But there’s something I want to do first.” 

Kurt watched as Blaine slunk down to the floor in front of him. His breath hitched as Blaine undid the button on his pants, staring at Kurt through the tops of his lashes the entire time. Kurt couldn’t break eye contact. The sight of Blaine on his knees below him was making him practically shake with anticipation. Blaine couldn’t honestly be about to do what Kurt thought he was about to do, right? 

Kurt watched silently, too afraid to even breathe loudly if it meant distracting Blaine long enough to make him stop. He held back a groan as the zipper of his pants was lowered and the back of Blaine’s knuckles brushed over the now wet spot on his briefs. He pulled at Kurt’s hips until he lifted them, and soon Kurt’s pants and underwear were gone, leaving him completely bare for Blaine. 

“Don’t hold back,” Blaine said, pushing Kurt’s knees father apart. The car had started cooling off a bit since they’d slowed down and the cold air against his body caused him to shiver. “Nobody else will be able to hear you but me.” 

Kurt allowed himself to cry out as Blaine’s warm tongue licked slowly from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock, swirling around before sucking the head into his mouth. Kurt couldn’t help but thrust up a bit, causing Blaine to pull back. He used his hands to hold Kurt’s hips down and stop him from moving. 

“Now, now,” he said with a click of his tongue. “Patience is a virtue.” 

“Blaine, please,” Kurt said, his voice deep with lust. 

He thread his fingers through Blaine’s hair, holding on tight as Blaine’s mouth continued to tease him by leaving open mouth kisses at the inside of his thighs and the jut of his hipbone. He even had the nerve to suck at his balls while his dick continued to throb painful and ignored. 

Kurt watched as he pulled back and began to rub his hands together to warm them up. He wanted to plead with Blaine, to beg him to just blow him already. This teasing was too much for his inexperienced self to handle. He would be lucky if he lasted until Blaine decided to do something. At the rate he was going, he would come any second.

“Blaine, I can’t,” Kurt panted out, needing him to know how close he was so that he would get on with it and stop teasing him. 

Blaine’s thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base of his dick and squeezed, effectively cutting off blood flow. It made Kurt start to feel harder, yet it stopped him from coming before anything began, so he sighed in relief. If Blaine was going to give him his first blow job ever, Kurt wanted it to last long enough to be worth remembering. 

He continued to moan loudly as Blaine’s lips finally closed over his shaft, tongue swirling around the head. He almost passed out from pleasure as Blaine’s other hand began circling around his hole. Kurt never thought he’d be comfortable with another man touching that part of him. He’d always considered it so dirty, but all of those thoughts went out the window when it was Blaine doing the touching. Suddenly it all felt so right and sexy. 

Blaine moaned around him, causing him to practically vibrate. His hips began thrusting lightly into Blaine and Kurt was surprised when it only made Blaine moan more. Was he really going to let him fuck into his mouth like that? Kurt’s grip on his hair tightened as his hips began moving faster. 

He had thought about blow jobs before. He’d masturbated enough times to the image of a man on his knees for him. He’d been guilty of getting off in the shower in the hopes that some warm water might stimulate the feeling of another man’s mouth on him—for the record it didn’t even come close. He just never realized how much better it would feel than warm hands wrapped around him. The wetness of Blaine’s mouth, the suction that came with it… it was overwhelming and amazing. Kurt never wanted it to stop but he knew if it went on much longer he would absolutely die. His entire body felt like it was on fire. 

“Too much,” Kurt managed to pant out as his head feel forward, the amount of work it took to keep it up was too much when all of his energy was focused on one thing. 

Blaine didn’t pull off, but he did loosen his grip on the base of his dick. That was all it took for Kurt. As the beginnings of his orgasm started, he tried to pull at Blaine’s hair to get him to stop, but Blaine just moaned and kept sucking on him eagerly like a kid in a candy store. 

“Can’t… I’m gonna… Can’t stop it.” Kurt’s words were mumbled and his sentences were only half formed, but Blaine finally got the message and pulled off. 

“Just let go,” he said, but not before pulling him back into his mouth. Kurt’s stomach tightened and his hips bucked up as he yelled out profanities and came down Blaine’s throat. Part of him was mortified at that, but he knew Blaine must have wanted him to do it if he’d completely ignored Kurt’s warnings. 

Before Kurt even got a chance to come down from his post-orgasm high properly, Blaine was crawling into his lap. He was still naked, pants finally making it all the way off at some point. Blaine was hard again and Kurt couldn’t help but whine as he brushed up against his oversensitive dick. 

“I can’t,” Kurt whined, his dick throbbing almost painfully at the friction. 

“Come on,” Blaine whispered into his ear, hotly. “What’s the point of being teenagers if we don’t take advantage of fast recovery time?” 

Blaine was mouthing at his neck while Kurt tried to come up with a good reason to say no when Blaine’s phone started going off. 

“Shit,” Blaine said, bending over the seat to search through the pocket of his pants. Kurt was rewarded with a nice view of Blaine’s tight ass that made him suddenly ready to go again despite the fact that he’d just gotten off with the most intense orgasm of his life. 

He watched as Blaine comically located his phone only to have it slip through his grasp and fall to the floor. By the time he picked it up, the call had gone to voicemail. He sat back up in Kurt’s lap, completely comfortable with the fact that he was naked and straddling him. Kurt couldn’t help but loop his arms around Blaine’s waist and smile. How was he so lucky to get to be with somebody as perfect as Blaine? 

“That was my brother,” Blaine grumbled. “He’s probably pissed I’m not there with balloons and a welcome home sign.” 

“He was in LA, not the army,” Kurt said, giving him an amused look. 

“You’ve never met my brother,” Blaine said with a roll of his eyes. Before Kurt could respond to that, his phone started ringing again and Blaine picked it up. 

“Yeah?” Blaine answered, trying not to sound out of breath like he’d just been giving his boyfriend a blow job and was well on his way to getting them both off again. Kurt didn’t have the heart to tell him he was failing miserably. “What do you mean you’ve landed already? I just looked up the flight information two minutes ago and it said you were delayed.” 

Kurt admired the way he was able to come up with a lie to cover his tracks so quickly. He obviously had a lot more practice with this kind of thing that Kurt did. He chose not to think about why that might be. 

“No… I must have looked at the wrong flight number. My bad. I’ll just… No don’t call Dad. I’ll be there soon… Fuck you, I just said I’d be there soon didn’t I? Yeah… No I’ll see you soon.” 

Blaine hung up the phone and gave Kurt a sad look. 

“My brother’s here,” he explained, crawling off of Kurt to start separating the clothes that were tangled together on the floor. He handed Kurt his clothes while he began to get dressed himself. 

“I guess I’ll have to take a raincheck on that taking advantage of recovery time thing,” Kurt said as he pulled his clothes on. 

He watched as Blaine struggled to button up his pants, his body still too sated to be successful with much of anything. Kurt thought it was somehow both adorable and incredibly sexy. He leaned over so that he could help Blaine button up his pants then pulled up the zipper carefully. 

“Perfect,” Kurt said, giving him a quick kiss on the lips that quickly turned into something more. Just as both of them were about to lose themselves completely and start stripping off clothing again, Blaine pulled away with a shake of his head. 

“You have to go,” Kurt stated for him.

“Unfortunately,” Blaine said with a nod. “My dad’s gonna ream me out when he finds out I was late picking up the golden child.” 

“I thought you were the golden child, Mr. Junior Olympian,” Kurt said, picking up Blaine’s scarf from the front seat and wrapping it around his neck before reaching up again for his coat. 

“Long story, I’ll tell it to you later…” Blaine trailed off, giving him a funny look. 

“What?” Kurt asked, wondering if he had something on his face. 

“You’re my perfect thing,” Blaine said, his tone held a touch of something that Kurt couldn’t quite recognize, but it sounded sad. Blaine leaned in really close so that their lips were almost touching before adding, “Don’t ever change.” 

They kissed quickly and when Blaine pulled away he was back to smiling confidently. Kurt didn’t know how to respond to that, so he decided to just cover it up with a joke. 

“You’re just trying to butter me up so that you can get the tape,” he said. 

“Nope.” Blaine grinned wickedly. “I’ve already got that.” 

He opened his palm to show the flash drive Lauren had given him earlier that day in his palm. 

“Blaine!” Kurt yelled as Blaine opened the car door and jumped out, letting a gust of freezing cold air inside the previously warm car. 

“You can have it back after you watch it with me tomorrow,” he said with a happy grin. “My house after school?” he asked, starting to walk backwards towards where he’d parked his own car in preparation for needing to leave straight from here to go to the airport. 

“You can help me clean the inevitable slushie out of my hair after we finish caroling,” Kurt said. 

“I’ll have a warm shower ready and waiting for us.” 

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