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Calling all Klainers!  



We all know the stories everyone talks about, the authors everyone follows; but there is more out there than what is popular. Gems hidden deep in the recesses of, ScarvesandCoffee, and AO3. Stories that have touched you that few ever talk about. I want to…

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Hearing!Verse: Homecoming 


The lovely DinoJay made this amazing artwork to go along with the story! 


Over the last four years, Kurt’s grown accustomed to the unpredictable hours of Hollywood. He’s never been a stranger to hard work before, but at least on Broadway, there had been set hours for the most part. Once a show was into performances, his schedule was set in stone. He was always home for breakfast with the girls and Monday night date night with Blaine. Things were crazy, but they were manageable. Predictable. 

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Teen Wolf spin-off about Danny living his life in Beacon Hills during canon thus far, showing him hanging out with Jackson and Lydia, Lydia setting Danny up on dates, Jackson being Danny’s wingman at clubs, Danny having a computer hacking business on the side, and in every episode, Scott and Stiles are running around in the background shouting about werewolves and casually bleeding.

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I may or may have just spent 4 hours designing Klaine’s future house for the Hearing!Verse instead of editing the next one-shot OR studying. Oops. but seriously- this website is amazing. 

Anonymous said:  Your post about Bash making you have feelings for your story was actually what made me go to it! :) But yes, it was very well written and I can't wait to read Gravity since it's in that 'verse as well :D (or at least it seems that way from the A/N ;)) Do you think you'll ever write mini drabbles about Klaine and Olivia or are you basically done with that?

It’s not out of the realm of possibilities, no. I’ve never said that verse was completely closed, I just haven’t had the right story come up yet for it. I’d happily go back to it if the right prompt and/or idea came along. 

And yes, Gravity is part of the Minute from the Deep End verse. 

Anonymous said:  *sigh* I just wasted (enjoyed) my day that was supposed to be spent studying, reading your terrible (so lovely, amazing) story, "A Minute From The Deep End". Of course I took breaks because I needed to go places, but I read it all and *sigh* It was just so good. I just love your writing and I just love you. Now I'm going to go to sleep and have Klaine feelings. Okay? okay. Goodnight. :)

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad that you liked it. That was my first major Klaine story and I have such a soft spot for it. It was a pain in the ass to write with all the politics and legal stuff, but I’m really proud of it and am so glad that people enjoy it. I was thinking about it with the last episode. Thankfully, what happened in Bash wasn’t nearly as bad as what I wrote. I don’t think I could have handled that! 

Writing Hearing!Verse instead of studying for my proficiency exam… shh….

Anonymous said:  Have you ever thought about what kind of hearing aids Blaine would wear in the hearing! verse and if so, what color they would be?

Honestly, since Blaine wouldn’t be getting hearing aids until around the year 2030, the hearing aids I think he would have would be pretty advanced. Advanced enough that, while they wouldn’t make him ever able to understand speech, he’d need a CI for that, they would at least make loud sounds like sirens understandable. Also, I’d like to think that technology would develop enough that he’d be able to get the in-ear hearing aids that look like ear plugs, and are small enough to be almost invisible. I think they could eventually make them powerful enough in the next few years or so. 

Calling A03 experts…

Every time I reorder the Hearing!Verse series on A03 to be the correct order, it still shows them as out of order. However, when I click on re-order series under the edits, it’s all under the correct number. Why won’t it publish that way?

Anonymous said:  It's the anon from a while ago who was wondering about your major, I just wanted to tell you that you gave me a lot to think about and were extremely helpful! And the Hearing!Verse has made me realize that ASL is a language that people seem to overlook. So I'm looking to finish my BA in Speech-Lang sciences early and then am going on to apply to college to get my interpreting certificate *fingers crossed* So I just wanted to thank you for basically opening my eyes. Oh!& good luck on your exam!:)

Oh my gosh, I’m so incredibly happy right now! You have no idea. This made me smile all day! I’m so happy for you!!


it actually really makes a lot of sense that blaine eats so properly and kurt likes his cheesecake and pizza

like blaine was brought up with old-fashioned parents and sent to an all-boys private school and wears bowties and sweater vests and gels his hair down all dapper-like

kurt was raised by burt

And now Blaine has gained all the weight from living with Kurt? I can see it…

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i was re-watching Black Bird (because i like to cry) and i just wanted to quickly paint the scene where Blaine signs his soul away to Kurt ;u;


i was re-watching Black Bird (because i like to cry) and i just wanted to quickly paint the scene where Blaine signs his soul away to Kurt ;u;

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Ok. I’m officially banning myself from Tumblr for the next several days until my Sign Language Proficiency Exam is over. Wish me luck!